Exploring Camera Technology: From GoPros to Chest Mounts and Beyond

Lets move on wed feed kamera so this kamera oke this camera yang selesai ini cuma mas ken udah apa apa dari komedo by swa ini cuma mama screen ini ini cuma screen ifnu tangga isu sara sehingga isinya screen pemberi is mo lawan jenis gw provide this go pro xl black gopro six pack this is go pro nine black ini mas keen. BN mansury so this one IQ apa apa akal budi xiaojie asupan saudi fashion di so this one way the body shop body.


Market. Enggak kepada kamera bukan sekuisi mengusul bis kamera selalu nunggu itu orang untuk apa apa ini BO exo islam suruh aku mau fokus aku sudah everything i do i wajah risa ini cuma yos SC. Karena ini mungkin akan cocok karena exo kan enggak coba video yang ini membaut a condo gw prof bikin also ABC sma gue bro online kan aku yang dah om shop. GoPro cameras, GoPro issues, we don’t need that. So now, and also, eh, we will camera purchase.

So this one, can we change my cameras? So this is the belt chest. You can put your camera on your chest and is zero visa. My soldiers, my investigations, it was running very busy. So you can also use this one. I’m just tracing up. So this is one of our cameras and we are using the other one that is used, that you are using to shoot. So this one, I’ll be putting it on my chest. And we have got another one as well, but a lot of cameras. So this one I’m gonna put it on before I put a JZ, a, 2, b on my body, I won’t control it to do everything on its own. You understand? So guys, oh now, oh now. So this camera is a little bit confusing. So I’ll be waiting.

Nih ladies. Lantas change. El cumplir on. So de Camera. Already, don’t worry about the will be showing everything. So this camera will be facing 4 ads. Oh, friend, I don’t know. Then I’ll put my Jays on like so. So guys gw syuting everything code of camera luar about the code out we got to do satu koma di kamera apa nggak bosan jadi kami wait and PK bounty kami yang rumah mereka janji palsu pada sia sia kalau mereka dapat duit apa so 0 warna oms. Kind of wanna online GoPro, in daily GoPro, you can put your camera builds Ray GoPro. Okay, retire. So guys, try to spice up your content. Which creator would try to spice up no matter how your enemies try to fight you, please make sure about your Twitter. The person who is laughing at you right now.

Bukan siap baru pidana akun sedikitnya how sudah cukup majikan use of god puji wadon akan datang wajib tahu campur soto ini dijual. no matter what you need to single making money? dont why it would。

Vanknowing Athena platform for Facebook. These are the cameras that we use. Infina kuburannya so. This belt like, so let’s talk. I’m not gonna disturb my mic. Like, so what is up like this?

Which farmer?

Just like that. So you need these cameras if you want to spice up. And also you need to know about this camera, suppose conducted, which cameras are you using? These are the cameras. Tetapi ayu singkay you can go pay go pro go pro kerja. Go Pro 9. Screen. Uống nước cùng quan tâm trên cả quần jeans hay là. Tôi trả anh đào đông qua đây. Cooperate. Then also this one, also I recommend you to buy this corporal in this instability, you can take a row, a screenshot. What do I screenshot? Then you end up a Google of one of Google LA was logged only. When I say only pages, I say this type of a camera. It is very nice. It is very portable. On consulting visa like this, maybe. Bisa karena itu kan akan akan akan akan. Make sure that this maziso anning are protected. To make sure we did this. We are careful with these eyes, my cameras. My videos.

1000 BC. So that even carovaro America. If numbers, I can just piece at this one and replace. Witana doa jadi singkat dilansir fajar di hari mari thank you guys for your support. Thank you for appreciating our content. Thank you for asking whatever you wanna know. And feel free to ask because I’m here for you guys. I’m here to help you or to show you because you know, but you guys, if want to be a content creator, be forecast. Don’t ever listen to anyone and any man negative comments or negative sheets.

So don’t listen to anyone. Is that totally the same? But your enemies don’t listen to your friend. more like because if we have a friend i think。 Which means is an enemy.

Izin ini dengan disediakan one friend share di sosial media gue i new di sini karmawan kepada Tuhan friend yang gigi bikin kamu pindah ada. So you just need one friend, your soulmate and who support you want to change your life, you want to change the entire history of your life. Make sure they are also saving for this.

Thanks buat sungguh curang video rohani tampak solid. Sungguh nagita tuh muda inflow nya tuh enggak mau cebok udah mau cariin wanita muda aku ya semua gubernur sistem imunitas uji terus tampil tahun ini guna guna jadi model untuk susun atau menangani suatu e. Really very simple. So I’ll try to come next time and show you how to edit my videos in the policy is.

Thank you guys. Thank you for your love and support. Would do again. Another video showing you our mates that we use. There are so many different of microphone that people use out there. So we’ve got our own, our brain that we track will come and show you and will show you how to edit some videos and stuff. Thank you for having support. Goodbye.