From 0 to 10K Followers: My Journey of Passion and Friendship through Streaming

Right, quickly gonna make a smaller video. I keep getting asked this question, like, why do I still stream the same game? And why did I stream every single day? I can’t lie, right? I’ve been stream for about five years. Absolutely crazy even to think about the minute I got PlayStation 5, I was like, I could see I could stream on Twitch and YouTube and . Basically, I moved it from home because I couldn’t stream while I was at home because mentally it was absolutely terrible. It was so bad. If anybody knows what megabyte is, man, we see a 0.5 megabyte. It was absolute trash and on it. But anyways, whenever I got my own house, obviously I thought I’d do like a lot of test theory. I was like, right, one month I’m gonna stream over Twitch. So many viewers ago I got one, which honestly I was like, I’m not watching myself. I felt like I was watching myself. So I went nowhere. So I grind it on YouTube. I start against some viewers and it’s randomly, the industry must like saying like 15,20 viewers. I was like, that was absolutely sick. You know, somebody must attend them. So then I started making clips, started posting them out as YouTube shorts. And then, yeah, I started to see about a little bit of a following coming in. And eventually free time, I think everything like two or three months ended up getting 100 subscribers and then four months is like 200. I was like, this is taken off. I honestly enjoyed it. I loved it. Met some great friends. So I’m friends like some of the players office I used to play with his absolute crazy. And then obviously I take the big step this year, this following year. The very start, I was like, no, what? I’m just gonna do it.

I love streaming 100%. I love warzone. I love obviously trying to make clips and edit. I know half the time I should put more effort in, obviously edit, but I just honestly don’t have the time. But anyways, I ended up doing it. I ended up buying a PC at the start of the year.

I’ve got a gold main man. I’ve all said it from TikTok, the very study I remember I made a video about 10,000 followers. We’re getting there slowly, you know, I mean, if we don’t have it, the more closer we get to, you know, I mean, I’m happy in reality manner. I just enjoy streaming for it is what it is. Enjoy the friendships I made along the way. Enjoy like making clips. So just my friends being in the clip, you know, I mean, the funny moments we have honestly just enjoyingly for what it is such a crazy what the internet can do, especially gaming, like just the friendships that you can make in this absolute crazy. And honestly, I enjoy streaming so much, man. Like I know some people say you seem stream every single day. I will stream every single day regardless cuz I enjoy it. I can’t align with some people like hockey do.

How can you play the exact same game for 12 hours, bro? I have no idea. But Loki, I can do it. I don’t know why I work 12 hours as it is. Like streaming is completely absolute nothing to me, bro. I cassette game most of all day regardless. I’m not the best player in the world. I’m even gonna say that, bro. But I just enjoy it for as what it is. And yeah, honestly, the people that I met along the way, I want to show it to them. Obviously, the ones are obviously making content eclipsing stuff. And some of them obviously don’t stream yet, but they would love to stream, bro. I can’t wait to see them stream, man, if they ever get a chance to do it. Cuz Loki, just take the opportunity and just enjoy it. Cuz, honestly, it’s crazy where you began, restart, where you could end up being. It’s absolutely crazy. Not, man. And also, it’d be good to look back when you’re older, you could check all clips out, you could check all streams out, and yet just get to see how far you’ve grown, you know, I mean, it’s great. Like London is absolutely amazing. I can’t lie, that you could record your whole journey and just get to look back at it as in like maybe if you’d never done that from the get go, the old you get, it’s just like, what did I do years ago? Like you don’t have any memories or any clubs. So that about Gavin Loki, honestly, if I ever get to look at this, like when I’m older, I’ll just be like, wow, honestly, I just like, while the years have just gone Bible. And honestly, look at that as a kid, he enjoyed every single minute streaming. Made some crazy people on the way, made some memories, bro. Like I couldn’t be happier. I can’t lie. But anyway, is enough said. Hopefully enjoy watching this video. Hopefully have a good night. However you have a good day wherever you whatever time you watch this video. But yeah, enough said. That’s why I love streaming guys. A man, if this inspires you to stream, then that’s an absolute W. But anyways, hopefully you guys take care, have given.