The Engagement Super Bowl: A Game for TikTok Growth and Community Building

I’m guessing a lot of you guys are gonna be new here, and that’s because I am watching the engagement Super Bowl. It’s Super Bowl Sunday. And the reason I chose last Sunday month really was because I really wanted to have like a trial week or like a test runway. So the engagement Super Bowl is a game that we’re gonna play on my page and ultimately on other people who are on the road to 10K pages as well. The idea is that it will start to give us the kind of videos and views and engagement we want. It should really help target doom scrolling and doom like games and all of the like scammers, they’re not gonna wanna play our game because this requires work. And it requires work on my part as the creator and it requires work on your part as the players if you so choose to play.

So this is the scoreboard and how to get points to win the Super Bowl. So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna get 1 point for liking, 3 points for saving, and 5 points for reposting my videos. You can get 2 points and 4 points for doing engagement on other people’s videos. That way I’m not just gatekeeping all the engagement strictly to my page. And I’m not gatekeeping this game strictly to my page either. If you want to host your own engagement, super. I would love that. That would be an amazing compliment to me. Just do it this video so that people know how play the game and it gives me credit and they can play the game on my page too if they want.

So for the first three weeks, I will take an do a top 7 people who score the most points via the scoreboard. And I will post like tracking of that on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at seven PM so that way you can kind of see, okay, do I really need to ramp up my engagement? Do I not? So on so forth. Then on Week 3, we will take the top people who have scored and made it onto the scoreboard, so to speak, are those rosters. And they will have a playoff against themselves. So there will be 21 people by that, in that last week that are just really trying to engage and get to win the Super Bowl for that month. And that will help them because the more you engage with others, the more you build your page. And that way it kind of just helps everybody grow and it stops this doom liking stuff because they’re only gonna get one point if you don’t like.

But if you know comments and the comments only count if they’re what the video is about. You can’t just do your teamwork or let’s go or Three Little Hearts. You really need to in some way capture what the video is about. Maybe it’s an audio, so you say like chicken dance or maybe it is. Yeah, that’s really cool. Great. Well trained dog or whatever the video is about.

The other rule that I made is that the points only count for the week. So I don’t, well, I hope that you guys wanna go back and watch my previous content. I realize most of you won’t. Big sad there, but.

I’m, I have been putting out a lot of engagement and not getting it back. And that takes away not only for me, but that takes away from the other people who are on the road to 10 k that are, I call it engagement stealing, which is where they take all the engagement, but they don’t give it back.

And like for me, my strategy was, I would like comment on three of the most recent videos or three videos that maybe had like, if I saw pet in there or something. So like I would actually go to the profile of people really consciously, make sure they could see that I was engaging with their content. I wasn’t getting it back. And that was really frustrating for me.

Now I try to give everyone like two or three days of seeing me actually engage and realize like, oh, this person keeps coming back. Cool. I also, this is a job. This is something I’m trying to do. And so I decided, I was like, okay, I’m gonna have to get more clever, I’m gonna have to get more entertaining. And I didn’t wanna be super crunchy, even though I definitely do some crunchy videos and some crunchy voiceovers, I wanted this to be unique. And so this is a way that I can stay unique and hopefully we can all have some fun and we can all grow once I have reached 10 k, I will be launching a new style game for the road 20K. And I will still possibly host 10 k Super Bowls. But I’m hoping that because I’ve made the rules on how to play the engagement Super Bowl style game can stay just for the people that are on that road to 10 k. It can just be a really fun way to get that good qualified views and everything. I don’t want to keep the game. That’s not my goal. So this will correspond with the web show series that I’m trying to do, which will also drop and Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 p. M.

Now I have not made up my mind yet on whether or not that should stay here on TikTok because TikTok gave me back my 10 minute videos or if I really should take that to, this is my job. I want to be an influencer. And so part of that is not just staying on one platform. Now, TikTok will always be my No. 1 booboo until TikTok does something like takeaway privileges that they should be taking away. Cuz apparently they’re watching my videos. Found that out this week the hard way and the fun way. And so this is just a really fun way to really do interaction in a way that is fun for me as the creator, but also as you guys as players, because it will give you guys a shout out and maybe give you guys a way to say like, oh yeah, I wanna go follow those top seven people because they engage. And it’s not just that, hey, I really like these people, just go to follow them for no reason. You will know what they did to earn that shout out. So I’m going to go ahead and post this week’s top 7 that they didn’t even know they were playing. So it’s not all based off the point things. It’s just gonna be off of the people that I broke down that I’m like, they are putting in the work. Hopefully this is not flopping my face like some of the other things I have tried. And yeah, this is a longer video, but this helps get you guys ready to go for my web show series that is also gonna be longer videos.