Exploring a Cyber Truck Adventure with Mango Sister and the Goobers in Roblox

Today, newcomers are gonna be unlocking a cyber truck and Roblox.

A dusty trip has updated once again. And look at this.

Thing. It’s so beautiful.

You’re almost as beautiful as mango sister, eh? Yahoo, bro. What? You know what, guys? If you wants to play a dusty trip with Mango Sister, next comment down below and like the video.

Wait, hold on. Mego, how did you get it all black? Gooper chain. I guess it’s just like a secret gooper chain, bro. All right, goomers, where is our cyber truck? Let’s go outside, dude. There’s only this beat down van. Where is our cyber truck? Oh, they’re right there. Oh, my gosh. That looks insane. Oh, my gosh. Yo, there’s even a bed in the cartoon. Me and a manga sister Mister could go back here.

Yeah, what a bed.

What? Yeah, the bed of the.

Truck. You know what I’m trying to go to bed with you, baby boy. Woo. Woo.

All right. I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but come on, let’s put this car together. No. If she plays dusky, shripe with us. Not either of you are going in the back of the car. Oh, wait. You have to grab the nozzle. Wait, hold on. Wait. If you attach this to the car. Wait a minute. I think I might have just thought.

Oh, wow, hold up. Let bro cook.

Wait, oh, wait. Oh, wait. Is this how you charge a car, bro? It’s electric car. How are we supposed to do this? Just.

Put it in the hole. Easy. Let me.

Smack you with the face. Yo. Alright, listen, I’m trying to figure this out. Stop distracting me with that big goal. You know.

What, ayo, mango, I’m scared.

Z to attach part. Oh, Woody, it worked. Now we have a solar panel on the car.

Yo, this is about to be sick. Let me go ahead and turn it on and, oh, it’s a beeping you hear that.

Is beping. You know what? I’m gonna put the solar panel on the very front of the car so that if we hit anybody, it wrists them apart. That would be so funny. Do.

It and then you can eat them cuz you’re a.

Zombie. That would not be funny. What are you talking about? Wait, hold on, Nemon, you wanna drive? Alright, let me get in this path. Passenger seat may go. Get in the back, bro. What the sick boy. Little bro, get in the back. Little bro, what do you think you’re doing?

Little bro? Are you in your BBC, too? You buckled up, you all nice and I shut up all. I.

Start driving. My.

God, I don’t think you like that. I’m trying to drive. But.

Yeah, wait, go drive. Why are you driving?

I’m trying to drive, but the thing in the front won’t let me. I don’t think we can drive the car while charging it. I’m not gonna lie.

Alright, what if I just. What? Alright, can you drive it now? No, maybe you can’t drive. What is charging? Not stupid, bro.

No. Infinite electricity glitch. It’s just like the US of a.

Yep, no infinite electricity glitches. Let me get back in the freaking tough cyber truck. Yo, this thing looks insane on the inside. Look at this.

All right. Here we go. Goobers.

We’re going on a real road trip right now. This is so cool, dude.

It barely even makes noise, too. It’s silent. This is crazy.

I wish this truck wasn’t a cyber truck. And it was. Actually a free truck.

She show oh yeah. Oh, there’s a.

Sandstorm. Oh, there’s a sandstorm, y’all.

It’s not a sandstorm. It’s getting hot in here.

Hey, I’m not gonna lie, though. Our car runs on electricity in. Wait, that means this. Oh, no, wait, hold on. This isn’t good. What if it, what if San gets in the battery? Oh, no.

Oh, no. That’s not good. Nah, we’d win. I.

Hope we’d win cuz I don’t wanna be stuck in the desert with you gubers. I’m trying to get to my final destination. What if our target shook by lightning? Because it conducts lightning easier.

Oh, that would be, that would actually be pretty good if we got hit by lightning, full charge.

You know, maybe we would have to worry about that if there was a cloud in the sky that could actually hit us with lightning. Yeah, if we get into a Thundersword, girl, I think we’re cooked. Yeah, mango, you’re sweating back there, dude. That’s probably what you look like in real life whenever you see a girl.

Oh, mango, why you sweat. And bro, what you’re nervous about, bro? Both.

Of you guys are equally sweaty. Cuz what, you’re gonna drive over a rock if you drive on this, bro?

But no, I’m the best driver in the whole wide world.

Oh, wait. Oh, it’s clear enough. Yeah, go straight. So, oh my gosh, what is wrong with you? Who’s the best driver of the whole live world?

Oh, don’t worry.

You’d literally just said 30 seconds ago that you are the best driver in the world and now you’re crashing the car. Bro.

The cybertruck is literally a tech think. Like, look, I can literally do this. It will be fine. Easy, right? Easy. Okay. And then just like a cyber chuck in real life. Over easy. What?

Flippers, dude. No, that was actually sick, dude. You know, Mango Sister also whirls over when you tell her to. For.

What? Yo, pause.

Roll. Alright, listen, we gotta change the topic. We’re on a boys trip right now. Okay.

So let’s talk about men.

Let’s talk about manly stuff while driving our freaking cybertruck. So X demon, do you remember what we kiss? Yo?

You remember when we held hands too, bro?

You guys are weird, bro. You guys are sus. That was a good time.

And I remember walking into Mango’s room and he was doing something suspicious with the Tatsumaki body pillow. Bro, stop, bro. Don’t leak that, brother, I suppose, and everything. I don’t know what bro was doing. Bro.

Wait. Was mango dressed up like Tatsumaki? No, I.

Think Tatsumaki was dressed up as mango, bro. I know.

I wasn’t. I swear I wasn’t, bro. Oh, here we.

Go. Bridge time. Bridge on the bridge. Oh my God. Okay. Alright. Yo mango, why would you cross the car.

You were never driving again. We had a perfectly good cyber truck. You were never driving again.

Demon bro. I can’t believe mango flip the car like that. That’s so messed up.

Honestly, mango, why would you flip the car, bro? I don’t flip the car, bro. Dude. Always say I flip the car when he just drove it off of a freaking bridge.