The Tech Showdown: A Tale of Competing Businesses, Friendship, and Hardship

Alright, I’m on to my next client. At least I have work to do. Get my mind off that chirk. Anthony, hello. Hi, my name is David. I’m here to fix your phone.

Oh my gosh, this is so awkward. Oh, I forgot to call and cancel my.

Appointment. Cancel the appointment? Oh, no. Did something happen?

Well, I just don’t need your services anymore.

Don’t need my services. And I’ll tell.

You what, Clark, next time this happens, give me a call and I’ll bring a pizza with me. We can watch the game and, you know, just hang out. Oh, you’re the best, Anthony. Here.

You go. Wait. What is going on here?

Clock. Is this guy basking you for money? Yeah, he kind of is. Can you kick him out for me, too? Listen, Sarah. Alright, you gotta leave the property. This is a private property. I know.

Exactly what you’re doing, Anthony. So playing these stupid games.

Look, I gotta go to work. So I think Baldy need to get out. Sally here. All right, Clark, take care. See you in two weeks when your phone breaks again. You didn’t even.

Fix his phone, did you?

If I didn’t, what does it matter? Oh, I gotta say, thanks to the brilliant business idea, I’m doing exactly what you’re doing, but at a cheaper.

Rate. Yeah, but you’re straight up ripping these people off.

I don’t care. I don’t know him. I’ll tell you what, David, just for fun, I’m gonna run your company to the ground.

No way. You’ve got to be kidding me. Everywhere.

I went, Anthony just showed up and stole my customers. You brought like a free pizza with him, too.

Batman is out of control. You know what? We just need to ignore him and keep working super hard. Hey, are.

You tired of working super hard? Do you need something? Repair? Shared. The most important question, do you hate people named David? Oh, well, I got a deal for you. Call 1,2,3, and you’ll get the best business from me. To summarize, like I’ll fix your things and stuff like that. You know, look at this.


You got to be kidding me. This guy doesn’t know what.

He’s doing. Look, Jeff, I know what’s annoying, but you just gotta calm down, man. Hard to calm.

Down. That has been my life. So work. I hate seeing people like that. Just ruin it for us. He’s an insult. Attack geniuses.

Everywhere. Look, Jeff, everything’s gonna be fine, alright? Take a deep breath. Relax. Alright?

Sorry. I just take it personally when tech is involved. I’ll tell you what, David, we’re gonna go march down to his store and we’re gonna come in front of this.

Mela, Jeff, I actually think that’s a great idea. Alright, this is the place. Looks like he’s having some kind of grand opening. Look.

At all these people. Peace in my mind.

So what do you wanna say to me?

Listen, first of all, buddy, you know nothing about tech. And I wanna make that very clear cuz I’m taking that personally. Secondly, we know that you’ve been post reaching all of our clients.

Yeah, that’s the greatest idea I’ve ever had.

But why are you doing this to just us?

It’s because I don’t believe in you, David. And honestly, I don’t really like, you don’t even know me. Well, all I know is that you took my phone and you double crossed me.

All of this seriously is because of the phone. Just let it go, man. You’re ruining my life. It’s not.

Again, much of a life anyways. Hey, buddy, you don’t talk to.

My friend like.

That, Jeff. Don’t worry. I got this. We know that you’re doing a terrible job at this as well. And soon your customers are gonna see the truth, then they’re gonna stop coming to you.

Yeah, or whatever. I don’t even care because by the end, my pockets are gonna be so full, I could buy whatever I want now. You better get off my property before one of my security guards kicks you off by force.

All right, Jeff, I know it’s been rough, but let’s just focus on work today. So who have got lined up now on.

Man, we haven’t been receiving any calls from anyone.

How is that even possible? People break their phones like every single day. Not even our old customers are calling us back.

We haven’t had a customer and days and I’m sure we both know.

Why. Yeah, Anthony, and I’m sure he’s probably extremely busy stealing from his customers. Just makes me so mad that people like that are getting away with this stuff. David.

I don’t know how to say this, but we can’t keep our company afloat at this rate. We’re probably gonna have to.

Close. No, we can’t close the business. I’m so close to having all the money for Danny’s treatment if we just keep working harder. It a little.

Work. I’m sorry, David, I don’t know what to say. I’m just, I’m at a loss.

Trust me, I feel the same way. Maybe I should sell the house in my car. Then I’ll have enough money for Danny. But in the meantime, you’re right, we’re probably gonna have to close the business. I’m not done just yet, Jeff. I think I have an idea. So, Danny, how are you feeling? I’m actually.

Feeling a lot better.

Well, that’s because you had a successful treatment in full. You’re gonna be okay now. So, Danny, you can finally go home if you do even have a home. Thanks, DOC.

Danny, what’s wrong? You’re finally feeling better and we’re getting out of this hospital. But you look so sad.

Yeah, I’m grateful that I’m feeling better. I just, we don’t have a home to go to, David. And it’s all because I got sick.

Danny. How many times? I’ve gotta tell you.