The Connect DOD: A Journey of Mistakes and Triumphs in Puzzle Solving

We’ve had a rough run with the other games, Mini Crossword was not our finest effort by far. It was far from our, probably our most okist effort, honestly. Connections. Oh, we’re pretty good with, we’re pretty switched on. So, all right, we’re gonna smash the hell out of this and just do really well. So we’ll get straight into it. That way is today. Let’s go. Do you wanna read him or John made a reader? Frank.

String, wood ring, dog, fog, train, birds, chain link, iron brat driver, omen series and wedge. Anything standing out for you.

Initially? And iron, a wood, a driver. This is golf clubs. Oh, in a wedge. A golf club. Stunning. Yep. Beautiful. Easy grain, easy green. Alright.

Chain, a link, a series, a chain, but maybe even a train, a series, like attached, oh, sorry, microphone.

A train, a chain, like yellow.


Or a string as well.

But they’re like a link and a chain alike. And a series is one of the other. And the trains all connected in their carriages.


If you think of anything else that could be replaced, but I’d be happy to send it.

I say we send it. Nice. Okay. Okay. Let me cook here real quick, please. Sausages, a bra, a Frankfurt, a hot dog and a chain link sausage.

Frankfurt brought west.

Hot dog. I’ll link that. I links like sausage links.

But they’re types of. Like you’re onto.

Something, but I’m not all the way onto it.

No, a string sausage it link. So I don’t know. I.

Feel like links are economies or is that just what they’re called when they’re all stuck together? So if we have this potentially, and then if we have like Train String Series and Mozilla chain.

I did Lincoln chain and the string wasn’t there initially.

Yeah, so I’m swapping that pretending the hot dog one is link. Then we’d have fog, birds, omen and Ring. Are there horror movies? The fog, the birds, the ring, and the omen. Okay, there we go. Okay, cool. That was accidentally smart.

We just seem to.

Yeah, we just needed to be done first. Now what do, what did I say? Bratwurst, Frankfurt alone.

Hot dog. And.

Do we go link or? I feel like ring of Snossie’s. I feel like link fits. I feel like they’ve been, they’re called links for summer. Alright.

If you set on that, let’s send it.

If I’m wrong, you can punch me in my head. Yeah, boy, thank God. So to see another day. It’s for such.

Who calls it a brat and a.

Dog. I have one dog. Thanks. I want that dog in me. What the ? That’s. I think that’s what I mean. But.

No one calls at that. Can you just check me a link on the Barbie? What is this? That’s just.

Oh, hell. Anyway, so we don’t have a flawless game. Unfortunately, we made a mistake, but that’s fine. We’ll still try and name this. This is just like a, it’s gonna be the Connect DOD. Yeah, and this is the yellow groups. This should have been the easiest one, apparently. So we’ll just send it connected. Okay, one thing after another. Okay, let’s check. Nice. Good job, team. We won with one mistake. That’s pretty good. I think that was our best effort out of all the games.

Sadly. And that was pretty pathetic still.

Thanks watching, everybody. Hope you enjoyed. Let us know how you did. If you got all the groups today, what order you got the men, and if you could name whatever your last one was. I’m gonna say we did. Yeah, absolutely. I’m gonna say we did for sure. Okay, we’re gonna go and hopefully we’ll see you next time. Bye bye.