Florida-Inspired 30-Minute Fire-Grilled Ribs Recipe: A Flavorful Adventure

I just made some of the best ribs you’re ever gonna have outside over a real fire using a technique that I Learned from my buddy down in Florida. And guess what? It only took me 30 minutes. Alright, you got your raw rack of the ribs straight out of the package.

I love buying these ribs from Krogers because they already have the membrane off. You always wanna peel the membrane off. Now this, you want to get a sharp knife and you want to go in here. We’re going to cut each one of these ribs. So what you want to do is locate your two bones you wanna cut right in the middle. Because what we’re doing is we want the bone in the middle and meat on both sides.

Once you got all your ribs cut up in your single portions, just throw it away. Now it’s time for our marinade. We’re going in with equal parts of Worcestershire and soy sauce, about that much. Then we’re also gonna use an equal amount of smaller oil. Now it’s time to season it up.

You’re gonna need these four flavors cuz this is an awesome combo. Start out with the Danos Primo. That’s the chrome top. Sprinkle a bunch of that. Then we’re going in with the maroon top. That’s the Chipotle, bunch of that in there.

The beautiful thing about Danos is we don’t have to worry about how much we’re putting in there cuz we’re not gonna make things too salty because we use the right amount of salt and everything else is natural ingredients, no sugar or chemicals, seasoning the way it should be made. And we’re gonna add a little bit of that blue top. That’s the seasoning. It’s for anything that swims. It just so happens it’s also so good on pork, chicken, steaks and all kinds of other things.

Want to sprinkle a bunch of that in there. We’re gonna get this all mixed up and you may have noticed, but I didn’t use the black top. That’s the crunchy. We’re saving that for when they’re cooking at a little crunch. Those are going to be some flavor packed ribs. We’re gonna give those a couple hours and we’re gonna hit the grill.

Alright, our ribs are marinated for a little over an hour. That’s really all you need. Now let’s go outside and fire up our grill. We’re gonna do this a different way. All right. This is my favorite way to do my fires. I get me one of these burning fire starters.

This is real simple. You simply just light the bottom of it. Once you hear the sizzle, you know it’s going. We just throw that down, throw our lump charcoal full right on top. All right. It’s been about 15 minutes. Got our coals nice and high. All right, now we’re gonna build the fire.

Now you’re gonna need some wood that might be a little bit too big. We’re gonna have to give it a chop first. We’re gonna sharpen this thing up like that. And now we just set it up like Lincoln Logs.

We’re gonna let this burn for probably a good 20 to maybe even 30 minutes and let the fresh wood kind of burn down and be turned into coals. Cuz you don’t want just nothing but fresh wood. So we’re gonna let that cook for a little bit. Let’s swing this right over the fire. Now I’m gonna get those ribs.

All right. It’s time. It’s going right on the grill. Spread out. Look at this. We got some apple wood. We’re gonna throw a couple pieces of that in there. All right, we’re 10 minutes in.

We added our apple wood on there. Now look at these air just already looking awesome. Telling y’all what, there’s nothing like cooking over real fast times. It gets a little hot. All right, you guys, we are exactly 20 minutes in. And look at that. These are looking absolutely beautiful. They’re gonna be so good cooking over this hot flame.

We’d absolutely want to get a char on them, but you don’t want to burn them. There’s a difference between char and burning. We’re looking for the perfect char. So good. Can’t wait to eat. I’m gonna sprinkle you and I’m gonna eat you. All right, we’re only 25 minutes in, you guys.

Now look at this. That’s a perfect charge. And that’s exactly what we’re looking for. Now we’re gonna start solving these up. So this is how we’re gonna do this. Our friends over at Pok Chang, we’re gonna use a little bit of that Japanese barbecue sauce.

We’re just gonna give it a nice drizzle on each one and just kind of brushing around just like that. Drizzle and brush. I need a longer drizzler and a longer rebrush.

Drizzle and brush. How we’re going in with the Daniel’s crunchy. That’s the block top. Check this out. Look at that right there. Add a little crunch to them things. Miss one. All right.

Last flip. So once again, sauce and brush one last time. A little more crunchy. All right, y’all, it’s time to eat. It’s been a total cook time of 31 minutes. Exactly. Look at that. Let’s go get a bite.

We’re definitely gonna let these rest for about five minutes. We’re gonna give them one more little drizzle. Alright, you guys, it’s time for the moment of truth. I just made these in 30 minutes. Can they actually be good? I like that.

It’s definitely not an overcooked rib that falls off the bone. I understand that. You guys can let me know in the comments what I did wrong if you’d like to.

Or you can also comment that you’ve tried ribs like this before. Cut them in single bone portions. I’m cooking them over a real fire on a grill quick. And that’s outstanding. As a matter of fact.

Let’s day know Mike might be one of the best ribs I’ve ever had in my life, y’all, you know I love you. Leave a like, leave a comment. We’ll see you next time. Keep sprinkling. Oh, yeah. Yum, yum. Get you some look at.