Attitude Determines Altitude: Lessons from the Life of Joseph

Your attitude determines your altitude. And man, I know that’s against a lot of people’s grains and I know a lot of people don’t want to hear that. But you know what? There’s a truth from a word of god that you me to hear. Your attitude determines your altitude, how far you go, how far you will be promoted. Your attitude is a huge factor in many ways that people do not understand. And I’m gonna show you this. The life of Joseph, in my opinion, is so inspiring, a man who is just as soon as god gave me his dream, he just been smashed and smashed with the devil’s schemes and everything and being enslaved in Joseph.

After this dream, his brothers had solemn to slavery. He had now been in slavery for 10 years, I believe now, and he’d been cast into prison due to his master, potifer, his wife tried to get with him and she lied about him. He ended up being sent in prison. And in Genesis Chapter 40, he’s in prison. And I don’t know if people understand, but prisons back in the day, we’re not nice. They didn’t have full screen TVs and they didn’t have, you know, basketball hoops and stuff and gyms to go and work out and gym them. Prisons back in the day were mean and harsh, and especially Egyptian presidents, they were tough. He was an Egyptian prison in Genesis, chapter 40. I’m gonna start in verse 4. And the captain of the guard charged Joseph with them and he served them and they continued a season in Ward and they dreamed a dream, both of them, each man his dream in one night, each man. And according to the interpretation, I was dreamed of butler and the baker of the king of Egypt, which were bound in the prison. And the butler and the baker were one of fair servants, but they got cast into prison. I’m not exactly sure. I’d have to go to the context of it. They got cast to prison and Joseph was out of the prison at this point. And verse 6, and Joseph came in unto them in the morning and looked upon them and behold, they were shot in verse 7. And he asked Pharaoh’s officers that were with him in the ward of his lord’s housing, wherefore look you so sadly today. What a strange thing to say. They were in Egyptian prison. What do you mean? Why are you so sad today? You’re an Egyptian prison. They were, however, well, one of them was. They’re falsely accused. Egyptian prison. You, nobody would want to be there. Nobody would want to be in that situation. And he says, why do you look so sadly today? That means they weren’t very sad every day. Today, I just, Joseph is awesome.

You have to go read the story of Joseph. It starts in Genesis, chapter 37. But your attitude, Joseph’s attitude through the entire 13 years plus nine years that he waited for, dreams have come to pass. So 22 years of his dream not coming to pass. He has been so perfect in a way.

Their inscription does not mention once of Joseph complaining. And because of it, after he’d been promoted, he in one day’s time got promoted to second man, second hand in the entire land of Egypt. That is a huge state there, the biggest and best authority or nation at the time. He was huge. He got promoted in one day. And it is because, one of the reasons is because of his attitude. It is very hard to be thankful. What without a good attitude? And a good attitude, a lot of people think it’s just based off your circumstances.

No, a good attitude is a choice. And Joseph is a prime example of that. He chose to have a good attitude. He chose to serve his masters, even when it was wrongly convicted, even when he was sold into slaver, he chose to be happy. He chose to have a good attitude. And you can choose to have a good attitude in the.

Yesterday I posted a video on god promotes the faithful. You man, this is huge to have a good attitude while being content with what you got is huge. And that is one way that you can be faithful with what you have. Learning to be content. I could go on to that too. Learning to be content. You can be faith and what you have, but you need a good attitude. You have to have a good attitude. You know, even if you have a job that you don’t necessarily like, praise God that you have a job. It’s about perspective. Attitude is huge and attitude will determine your attitude. People who are gripers and complainers do not get promoted. People who complain and hate life, their life, they suck. Their lives are garbage. You can see the fruits of their life. They’re not prosperous. They’re not happy. Their relationship sucks with people.

B, I had choose to have a good attitude. Even when you have, let’s say, nothing to praise about whatever it is, you always have something that you can look upon. Choose to have a good attitude and the way I believe you do that is by perspective. That’s a separate teaching. But attitude, your attitude determines your altitude. Make this as a revelation. God bless.