Unboxing Show: Unveiling I’m Telling You the Truth – Debut Album Release and Blue Vinyl Unboxing

Hey, talker, how are you feeling? I, it’s a blur life. I feel nothing and everything always. I’m so sad. I should point it out the camera, cuz maybe that’ll get flagged. Okay, so totally excited. We’re unboxing. We’re doing an unboxing show. All the boxes of my records, of course. And don’t look at the address, you freaks. Words. And I’m gonna unbox to show you how Friday the final is.

Oh, hopefully I haven’t seen the test pricings are black, so I haven’t seen them. The blue. All right, everybody. This could be exciting or really disappointing. My album is out. No, a little bit. Hurry on for engagement. He does not care. Really excited. Hurry is just consistently stone. Yeah, I know someone’s.

Oh, all of you unboxing famous here. For anybody who wanted a deep, intimate look into my life. Wait, do you need some hold? I might. Yes. Would I ever leave? We all rotate different things. You wanna be Jerry? You think you’re funny enough? I do. I think badly impossible and probably Julia Lewis Dreyfus.

Oh, this is a box. In a box. I still have to open it. A double 11 boxing. I know. And there’s probably boxes in there. The entity. I know there’s definitely, there’s so much card. I remember opening this and like doing the same thing and they’re being boxed box. Oh my God, I really would just, yeah, here it is.

Final box. Thank you so much. Of course. All right, thank you so much. I know, which is the problem. I assume this one is I really don’t want Collin’s toilet flush in here, but that’s okay. Welcome to my life, everyone. Interesting sounds. Should we yell? You heard you. It was a quiet toilet flush. Are you doing it really? Okay, great.

Can I hold the first copy? I’m gonna open, this is gonna be the household one. So I’m gonna open the plastic so everyone can see the blue.

Wow, torsion. Nice. Really good decision. Okay, she is telling the truth. E, this is a broad. This is actually, I can’t get it. Oh, it was going so good. Just keep rubbing it. Ever ripped the rubber? I’ve never seen something this way. Okay, I got it. You know what? Anybody, you should. Yes. All right. Here we go. Oh, I didn’t record. Yeah, I’m just going.

All right. Everybody ready? Just see the blue. Yeah, e. Is it the color you want? Oh, we should put it in like a gold record container. Let me see the back cover, please. Yeah, hopefully there’s no typo. John, do you wanna play it? Yeah, I’m gonna play it, but LA later.

Wait, well, I don’t wanna use the audio in the video. Oh, yeah, you know what I’m saying? So how are you feeling seeing it, holding it? Really good. You wanna cry? Just for engagement. My vinyl and my record. So now that’s all. Okay. I totally didn’t do that. Okay, save my vinyl and my record is out.

Now. My record, I’m telling you the truth, is out now on all platforms and finance. Okay, great. Now again, and a little bit like, give me a little bit more. Okay, sorry, everybody. Thank you. I’m talker and my debut album, I’m telling you the truth, is out now on all platforms and on blue vinyl.