Effortlessly Chic: A Guide to Looking Expensive Without Breaking the Bank

How to look chic and expensive all the time without spending money all the time. Step No. 1, get rid of all your frumpy and worn out clothing. Something way too casual, like leggings that you don’t wear to the gym but wear to run errands. Any sweatpants, again, if you don’t wear them to do sport activities. Discolored t shirts, jeans that don’t fit too well, crop tops, you’re not 12 anymore and it’s not 2019. It’s time to move on. If you have these things in your wardrobe, chances are very high you’re going to wear it out. And no, you shouldn’t wear it at home either. And if you want to know why, I made an entire video just about that step No. 2, ladies often make a mistake. They buy something very elegant and chic, but it is so uncomfortable and so out of such with how they spend most of their time that they end up wearing it maybe twice a year. And the rest of the year, they either look like a skater boy or a retired yoga teacher. When you buy something next time, don’t make a purchase unless it takes all the following boxes. Does it fit you well? Is it comfortable to wear for a long time, to sit in, to move in? Does it look presentable and elegant? Is it of a good quality, the fabric, the craftsmanship, the way it is sewn together? Can you see yourself wearing it in three years without it going out of trend or out of fashion, if the answer to even one of them is no, you don’t make a purchase, you keep saving money and you keep looking. Don’t spend it on random items just because it’s on sale. Otherwise, you will end up with a closet full of things, yet nothing nice to wear. I’d rather wear the same dress all the time, but the one that is actually of a good quality and looks lovely. Then wear something new every day and it looks like stuff from Shein.

Step No. 3, you don’t need luxury bags and shoes with designer logos. Most of it looks cheap, even though it is expensive to buy. Find your local leather craftsman or small business that specializes in making leather good goods. Their bags and wallets usually cost under $200 and don’t have any branding on them. If you get a chance to travel to Italy or Spain, they have the finest quality bags that both look and feel so expensive. But because it is not your typical Gucci or Chanel, it is very affordable. You can wear it for the next five to 10 years. And over time, it will form from that beautiful patina. The way it is so well made, yet looks so effortless is what will make you look very chic and expensive. The most classy women I’ve seen don’t wear leave it on bags. You won’t ever see any brand names on them.

Step No. 4, and it is something I say all the time on my page, less is more when it comes to any beauty procedures. Less makeup, less lashes, shorter nails, less fragrance products, less fillers, less dry shampoo and hair price, Les buttocks, preferably no hair dye, no excessive expansions. Beauty industry is a multi billion dollar machine. And in my personal opinion, with all that money, it makes women look worse. The more natural and fresh you look, the more expensive vibes you give off, even though you spend way less money than those dolled up girls.

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