Ghibli Treasure Haul: A Journey Through the Delights of Studio Ghibli Merchandise in Japan

Hey guys, so today I have a very special video for you guys, which is all the things that I bought of Ghebili in Japan. So disclaimer, I am a huge Jubilee fan. I mean, I actually have Calcifer and Sophie tattooed on my arm. I’m gonna get another tattoo, obviously, gibbery. I don’t know. It’s just always made me feel so good, cozy, happy.

And so, yeah, I went to their stores and I was like, oh my God, I need everything. So I don’t know how I’m gonna do this in less than 10 minutes, but I’m gonna show you all the things I bought from Gibley in Japan. All right, starting off strong, I bought this T-shirt, this black t with no face on it. It’s my husband’s favorite character from Gibley from Spirited Away. And I just thought this t ship is really cool.

I told him it by one, but he actually doesn’t like pockets. And so I got this one from me from the GBL store, which is basically a gibbery store made for like, I don’t know, more grown UPS, although I don’t really understand cuz I’m grown up and I love all the stores. But yeah, I guess like more men friendly. I don’t know. You let me know what you think about the GBL stores.

I love them. But anyway, continuing, I bought a mug. I then bought a notebook, or I’m gonna be doing all my organization of the videos, content creation, etc. I also bought but one like some things I won and didn’t just buy my husband bought the one this in one of their vending machines. Be cool.

It’s the buzz Cat. Love it. Cards. A set of, a deck of cards from Totoro. I then got his delivery service little notebook. I don’t know. I just love these little notebooks. A daughter of fan and you never know.

It might be hot out and who better to refresh me than dotoro and little dotoro and a watermelon. I then got this souvenir just to use on a keychain, because you can never have too many. I then got this statue of Totoro and small Totoro and mini Totoro and a snail. But it’s so cute. They come together and it’s not as heavy as I thought it would be, but it’s still heavy.

But yeah, they’re really cute and they are already decorating our house. I really want the Hein, but it’s really hard to find nowadays.

But I’m gonna keep looking cuz I’d love to have the Hein in our house. I got this for my husband. It’s at the no face is for Sasha. Hard to put our soy sauce. So cute. And then got this tote bag.

So there was so different, so cute, especially now for summer with the blue tattoos on it. And inside we have a world of Gibley. Yes, I’m obsessed. I got the clock to go in our house. I love this clock because it does this with the eyes. It’s gonna look really cute here at home.

And my son loved it. And I got you, Baba, of course, just because you know the baba. I love her. This is my favorite thing that I bought, which is so funny because what I really wanted was the statue, but they didn’t have it.

But this hen, it was the last hen that they had in the sky tree dongodi. And it’s the softest thing ever. It’s the softest hein, softest fluffy toy that I have. And so I’m really happy. And my husband really wanted this. It’s basically a coin storage. What do you call it?

I don’t know in Portuguese media, but it’s where you store your coins. What you do is you put your coins here and with the battery, this will do this and store the coins in there for you. But that is adorable, correct? Then what else? Small things like keychains to put on my bags.

Another little keychain. Just small things there. And I got Gigi. I don’t know where. Here it is.

I got GG that comes with the flowers, little statue where the flower is like that. Look, took him. I love it. And then I got, you never have enough little souvenirs. This comes in the pack of three, but the mini tataro, the cat bus and the dust balls.

I would think of the music when I see the dust balls fire. I got a puzzle with hundred and eight pieces. A lot of stuff is from Totoro. Like my favorite movie is actually House Moving Castle, but there isn’t much of house moving castle, unfortunately.

So I ended up buying more of Tatara than I, not that I wanted to cuz I’m really happy with what I bought, but I would have liked to. I would like to have bought more things from different movies. Here we have a crystal. I haven’t opened it yet cuz I’m gonna be doing an unboxing for you guys cuz I have no idea which one I got cuz it’s a mystery to mystery box. I got these little things just to play with.

I don’t know. Just put around the house, you know, decoration. And then these are boxes that you never know what’s inside. My husband really wanted this one, so he ended up buying like four to get this one.

Yeah, we got like three of these dudes and then one of the no face, which is what is wanted. What do you want it? And they’re so cool because you do this and they stay, they stand up, right? Cute. Then I got the other tote bag from skirted away with no face, the little mouse, some cheese and the birdie.

What do I have inside? I have the only big fluffy toy for me. Total. So cute. I don’t care how old I am. I love Gibley forever. I didn’t get tickets in museum. I really tried.

I woke up really early. Actually, my husband woke up really early to do it, but we couldn’t get any. And so it’s all good. I got a pencil, etc. Like honestly, this could be a drinking game. Drink every time I said.

And last but not least, I bought these original stencils of. Actually, I wanna say original, but I’m not actually sure if they’re original, except they were original, they would be super expensive. But anyway, let’s just present the original stencils, one from Totoro and then one from spirit away with no face, just to put up in the house. My husband will be happy because he does really like no face, which I don’t understand to be honest, because the CA character is so misunderstood. But at the end of the day, I think it’s a good guy.

But yeah, we’re not here to discuss what I think the characters are on not. These are the things that I bought in the Chibi stores. I really recommend, if you love Chiplee and if you can one day go to Japan, try out all the stores we went to, the ones in Kyoto. We went the two in Kyoto. We went to one in, oh no, we didn’t go to Osaka.

We didn’t, went three different ones in Tokyo. And it was so worth it. But then again, even if you can’t make it to a dongoody store, there’s a lot of different stores which have a additively products, but they’re just much more expensive. But yeah, and if you do have the opportunity, go have lunch or dinner in barley because they do a homage menu for jubilevers. It’s so adorable. But yeah, these are all the things I bought. Really happy. And I see you guys live.