P. Louise Drive Me Balmy Lip Balm Set: A Comprehensive Review

And about you, but I personally think that it is time to give you a fully open and honest review on the P. Louise Drive me balmy lip balm set.

Every time we’re scrolling, we see one. And you know what? I really wanted to try these, but I never really purchase them because I don’t know, I kind of felt like they would be the same as the lip oil and the lip conditioner thing. But I was very wrong. I was very wrong. I’m gonna tell you why. But I got this in a mystery box, which if you have not seen, I have done a video on it. So I check that out. I did a mystery box. I think it actually went really well. We’ve got some really good stuff in my opinion. And one of them was this, the balmy for you lip balm set thing?

I don’t know the official name, but I’m pretty sure it’s the drive me balmy Lip Balm sets. I’m sure we’ve all seen them become these really cute like square packages, similar to the juice boxes, but like a different kind of shape. And you get these two products. For the best my knowledge, I think they come about seven or eight flavors currently. They might be extending them. But this is one that I got, which is lime of your life, which of course is a lime scent. Packaging is really cute. You get a clicky lip balm and you also get a squeezy tube lip Bal. They are more or less the same kind of size. I actually am very impressed with the size of them. I thought this was gonna be a lot smaller, but yeah, very impressed. And I believe that these originally retail, I think it’s around the 20 pound price point for the do Upset Fit. Now I personally really love the scent of these. They’re slightly different from product to product. The stick lip balm thing, by the way, if you’ve not seen at the average cater, very cute heart shape. This must have been custom because I don’t know if that’s like a regular thing. So that might have been, well, might cost a bit more to do actually. So what I’m pretty, Louise, the center of this one is a bit sharper in terms of the line aspect. This one, to me, it’s a s, it’s like a candied lime scent. It’s not like a sharp straight up citrus lemon. I explained it as it smell to me. It’s not like a cleaning supply that I was familiar with as a child, but in like the most nostalgic way possible, I really loved the smell of that cleaning supply, but it’s not like a sharp, crazy like citrus. It’s like a nice candied, fairly like uplifting, soft lime smell. And of course, this is the one with the purple only stick. So it cannot be twisted down. You can only press it. It will only go up. We see this from like Mario Tot Mac did them with the square plump cross things, really nice. Formulation wise, I would say this is kind of a hybrid between a gel kind of consistency and a conditioner kind of consistency because I can feel that something is on my lips. And as you can see, it does give like quite a nice cue soft shine. I can feel something’s on my lips, but it doesn’t feel heavy. Like it just feels like a nice thin layer of moisture. I’ll get into it in a minute, but I personally like to use the stick one. And for when I’m about to do my makeup and I put this on before I start anything. And then by the time I have finished everything and I’ve gone to my lipstick, my lips are nice and hydrated because it’s such a nice soft formula. It basically melts in quite quickly. So I really do like that. Now, I don’t know if this is exclusive to just this sent, but there is like a cooling feeling I can feel. Maybe it’s mental. It doesn’t say on the back. It doesn’t have any ingredients. Probably says on the box, I did throw away without even thinking, but nothing crazy, nothing like spicy or, you know, anything that burn ends, but you definitely feel like a nice cooling sensation, which maybe for summer could be really nice.

And then up next, we have the balmy for you lip balm, which is the squeezy tube version. This I will say, I actually saw my friend says make up with Saz. If you don’t know who she is, I highly recommend. She was basically talking about how she has a condition where it’s kind of hard for her to press down on this tube and get the product dispersed because it is quite a stiff tube to press down on in order to get product out. So yeah, it was a little hard to get product out of here the first two or three times when I was using it because it was a fresh product and I did have to squeeze quite hard down on here. So you can probably see in the package there’s like a dent from having to squeeze even though this is fairly brand new, I’ve only had it for like maybe a maximum of like six, five or six days. But yeah, I just, that was maybe one thing that I’ll probably come back to in the end, I did have to squeeze a little harder than I probably wanted to on that.

But in terms of the actual formula, this is the applicator. I really enjoy it. I like how it has that curve here. I don’t know if that’s meant for anything in particular, but you can see the little nozzle here. When you squeeze it, it’s like a pink, kind of a pink opaque lotion looking lip balm. You can put it on like that. And then maybe the other side you can smooth out here. I don’t know what the curve side is useful, but remember how I said there’s a difference in scent and taste.

This one to me taste a little bit more kind of like a lime cupcake. Like it tastes a bit more dessert flavored than this one. This one’s a bit sharper and a bit more like so Tracy. This one’s a bit more candied. It’s, it tastes kind of like a sweet lime dessert kind of thing, which I also don’t mind cuz it smells and tastes delicious.

Now, as I said, this one is thicker. This one is kind of like a lotion feeling consistency, whereas this one’s like a gel. I personally prefer these thicker formulas for when I’m about to go to bed. I think that it kind of acts like a lip mask in a way where you can just throw it on, but like a nice generous layer on before you put your head on the pillow. And then when you wake up, you have some really nice soft, hydrated lips. Just because I feel like that one soaks in a bit slower because it is that much thicker now, because it is that thicker lotion feeling kind of formula. It does leave kind of a little, a tiny little remnant of a cast on your lips, even when it’s had time to sit down for a bit.

I’m not concerned about that. I don’t hate that. I actually think that is maybe good because it takes a bit more time to soak in. Therefore, you’re getting a little bit more of a elongated experience. So I don’t mind that.

Like it’s kind of more like a gel feeling. It’s a lot thinner. It soaks in a lot quicker. This one I feel like is a true heavy lip cream conditioner kind of situation. Again, has that very light calling sensation.

Both of them do. I don’t know if that’s exclusive to the lime flavor. I don’t know if it’s all of them. But yeah, I don’t mind it. Again, it’s a nice refreshing kind of thing.

Now, in closing, do I like this and do I think it’s worth it? I’m pleasantly surprised, you guys. I did not think I was gonna like this as much as I do. I think that for affordable lip care and also for value, because don’t forget, we’re getting two of these in a set for around the £20 price point. So I think these are really good value for money. They worked really well. I wouldn’t say that they’re the world’s best lip, like conditioning and lip care products. I personally believe in investing in lip care products because I often find that they have better formulations to them.

Again, the only one little change I would make is about this little plastic thing about when you first use it, you do have to press down a little harder than expected. I don’t know how we maybe go about that, maybe using a softer packaging, I don’t know. But overall, aside from that, they are really solid, nice products. I also think that these would make great gifts. I think that if you know someone who either loves P. Louise or has never tried them and has wanted to try them.

It could be a really nice present for someone. So I think these are really nice.