Mastering the Art of Blocking Out Eyebrows: Elma’s Glue Stick Technique Tutorial

I’ve actually wanted to do a tutorial blocking out my eyebrows for a while cuz I feel like I’m pretty good at it. I think not suit my own horn technique that I do is a little bit different to like the usual technique for see first things first. I don’t have a lot of eyebrow to begin with, so it’s a little bit easier for me to do that rather than someone who has like fake bushy eyebrows. My eyebrows are fairly sparse and I shave off the tail cuz I don’t like the direction the tail grows in. So I only have like half of an eyebrow to work with. Anyway, I’m not saying you need to do this technique, but try it. See if it works for you. If it doesn’t, try another one. You know, I mean, right.

Elma’s glue stick. You can get these that. I think it was Home Bargains. I got it, actually. So the reason that my technique is a little bit different is because I don’t touch my eyebrows with powder until the very last step, which normally you powder like in between and all that. Every time I’ve done that, it is the eyebrow up. So, oh, my largest fire on TikTok. I don’t know. You wanna make sure it’s a little bit damp beforehand. So I normally lick the glue stick, which normally will get you a few extra comments as well, being like gradually below stick. Cuz I’m nervous to get my tongue out on here though, cuz I’ve just had a cup of tea, so I know it’s gonna be a bit yellow, but excuse that. Literally smush it into your eyebrow and it’s starting to try to get something with a flat end and just press them down as well.

Layer 1 done. And now we wait. You wanna make sure each layer that you do dries down fully until you put another one on, or else it’ll just like crumble up. And I like to do between three and five layers.

Alright, layer 2, layer 3. Oh, well, for good luck now you wanna get something either orange or a very bright peach toned. Personal favorite of mine is the made by Mitchell Liquid Blush in peach. And Peach have been known to use the Steeler convertible color in Gladiola, just like a cream orange blush. Can just use like orange face paint if that’s all you have, or even an orange lipstick. Each color corrector to conceal it, to take the cool tones away so that when you put stuff on top of it, it’s less noticeable that there is a different tone underneath, right? This stuff is very pigmented, but I like to lather it on right now to blend it out. You want to take a fluffy brush. The more pressure that you put on this, the more, I don’t know how to explain it properly. Extra, you’re gonna pull up texture. Yes, that’s what I’m trying to say. Oh, end of the brush. Hold it right here and literally just tap to blend this out.

If you feel like you need to as well, you can use another layer, right? This is the stage that people would normally powder. I do not. I’m going to do my foundation and preferably over blocked out brows. I prefer cream products, not liquid. Okay, if you’ve got a stick concealer or a stick foundation or cream concealer or cream foundation, I’m going to use the KVD. Good. Apple Foundation. Okay. Right. Same thing. Just tap over the top.

Voila. The good thing about using, I like these flat brushes is you can sort of get in between the hairs if you press it like straight on. I’m also gonna egg myself up just so you get like the full effect most of the time over top of this as well, people will also use loose like translucent powder. No, right? I like to use a powder, a pressed powder foundation. My particular favor is the Mac Studio Fix Powder plus foundation. This is so pigmented. You want as much pigment over the top of these as humanly possible. Just take the little sponge and just press in just like that. Even if you’re not using a powder foundation on the rest of your face, use it on the eyebrows. Okay? And you can really like press away the texture. I feel. Look at that. Right? Then do the rest of your face. Now, if you get this happen, which I very often do, which is where like, if pack so much over the eyebrow that there’s like a color disconnect, take some on the sponge again and go around the eyebrow as well just to give it a bit of like a gradient will however make your forehead look absolutely gigantic. And I don’t really need any help in that department. And that is the completed tutorial on how to look like this. Hope you enjoy.