Unlocking Government Grants: Easy Applications for Financial Assistance

Everybody. I mean, it’s ever since I start this business like 40 years ago, 48, nine years ago, I’ve been doing this. And everybody thinks that government applications are so complicated, I won’t be able to do that. I need to hire a grand writer or you need a grand right to apply for coming from. And that is far from the truth that you could ever imagine.

Now, it may be true for some grants, but 99% of the people aren’t gonna find those grants that are so complicated cuz they don’t need it. The grants for individual are very easy. Okay, and that’s it.

Now here’s a sample. I know some of you can’t see this because it’s on my computer, but I’ll put the links in the bottom and it’s literally like, this is for emergency rent assistance. So you can get $20,000 or more.

Now, this is, okay, the first, it’s all on one page. Okay, this is just one page. Okay, and this is for, where are we? I think, oh, what the state of Washington is get emergency rental assistance. Okay, so you fill in your name, strictly the zip code. Okay, then it says what is your household rent at least. So you gotta know how much you’re paying for your house. Okay, or monthly, indicate below the months, the householders requesting that, yeah, that you haven’t paid your rent. So it has 12 months there and you click out the months that you haven’t paid rent in. Okay, what is the fair a rent time? Well, you know what the fair renders what you’re paying, right? What is the total rent of what you owe? So if it’s 10 months and it’s $33,000 a month. That’s $30,000. So you had to do a little important that and that’s all it. Then you have to put your landlord’s name and address there. Okay. And get his signature. That’s it. To get $20,000 or more.

One page. Filled in the blanks. Now, let’s say, let me look at none of my phone. Here’s what I think this is in New Hampshire. Same thing. One page. And you have the name, the people in the household and you have the name, how much, how old they are and how much money they make. Yeah, and then there’s another few things checklist and that’s all it. And then you put the name of the landlord in there. And then on this page 2, the only thing you have to do in on page 2 is sign it and put a date. That is it.

Now, if you were going out for a million dollar grand to work on some invention or something like that. Yes, that’s gonna be complicated. But most people, all they need, we’re looking for is money to live on, for emergency money. We need money to pay our mortgage. We need money to pay our utility bills. We need money to start a business. Even the business grants are next to nothing. That’s right. Just a couple pages and that’s it.

And now here’s that little secret, too. If you do need help, you can get it for free. You don’t have to go to Google and say, oh, I wanna hire a grant writer, cuz that’s gonna charge you probably anywhere between $75 an hour and 155,$150. Now, if you have money in your. God bless you. You know. Hey, Hiram. But you pay thousands of dollars to try to get your grant. Yeah, and you don’t have to do that.

Okay, here’s some options you have for that. One is you go to find help.org, find help dot, or I mean, I tell you about this all the time. Good, fine. help.org is a website that shows you on only nonprofit organizations and government offices who give you money for free will give you services for free. And that’s it. Okay? Everything there is free. So that’s why you don’t go to Google. Everything you’re gonna find there is gonna charge you money. The free ones are in there, but I dare you to find them. Okay, so you go here, find help.org, and you put in applications. Okay, that’s what I did for my zip code.

Okay, now you know what? I got 500 in 27 nonprofit organizations that help you fill out government applications. Hear that, 525. And nonprofit organizations that help you fill out government application. There’s free help out there, but they don’t advertise.

Look at 500 people here. You’ll never find them in Google. They don’t have advertising money. So anything, everything from a citizenship application to pre employment applications to fill out meta housing program applications to fill out sustainable assistance rental program to fill up like the one I just showed you, right? That’s the same kind of thing. 500 programs, man, you’re not gonna you live long enough to use all these people and that’s it. You can’t, you know, our world is so different then what’s in our head. We think we know what the world is, but that we don’t. None of us do. It changes too fast. It’s too complicated. No one person does, knows everything. And so that’s why you have to call people. You can’t go on internet to find out, mainly because everybody knows more and more now. Most of stuff on the internet isn’t true and it’s just manipulative to get your money. So you gotta stay away from that, please. And of course, it’s a Wild West out there, and there’s sharks that are gonna steal money from here or sell you something that you didn’t have to pay for because it is, they’re free. But the free people don’t advertise. So you’re gonna get stuck in Google and give somebody some money that you didn’t have to. And that’s too bad. We all died and 2022 will remain just simply. Yeah, right. It feels that way sometimes. It’s fun to watch people’s comments, but it’s true. You have to get there, okay? And the free help is out there. So if you can’t find it, get people who find it for you for free. I’m gonna charge it $20. That’s what we do it. Let’s go help. We charge people $20 and you could ask us all the questions you want every day, 100 of them right now. And we even have people available live to answer your questions. So if you remember, you could access right now, there’s somebody available for another next hour two to ask questions. We have like 2,3 hours like that every day where members will tell you how a lay out money. Don’t believe me, I’m selling you something. Anybody selling you something, you have to be very careful if you believe them not to believe them, because they’re trying to sell money and we’re too programmed, you know, to say things we know that will help you spend money on us. So you can’t trust us. You trust people who don’t get money from you. And that’s why the government pays people like that. If you want to buy insurance, some of them government offices that give money to professionals just to help you decide the best insurance for you. Otherwise, you’re gonna go to an insurance broker who’s selling you something, they’re making a commission.

Now, that’s crazy. You can’t do that, you know? Well, you have to because you don’t know your options. You do have options in life, and they’re terrific options. We live in a great society. We have all this stuff that people use, that rich people use the hell out of it. That’s how I Learned all this stuff. I have a Fortune 500 companies that use this. I mean, it’s helping millionaires become billionaires now. I devote the rest of my life now to help in the average person just learn what’s there to help them.

All this money that’s there that’s not being used in a, because people don’t know about it. I’ll then take, make one or two calls and there’s nothing there. Well, that’s like everyone looking for a job and you contacted two people and they say there’s nothing there. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing there. That means nothing there. There only, not there. All over. And that’s what you have to do. And that’s why it, it is, the phone is more important to getting the help you need and the money you need, then the internet is just a starting point, but not Google. Google is the worst starting point. You want to go to find help.org. Use that as a starting point. Start talking to people who are under the categories there, whether it’s business, whether it’s job for this healthcare with it. I’m a rental transportation in cars and ask them where is the good free stuff? Cuz that’s all they do is they help people solve financial problems and they’ve already gotten paid. They don’t have to get paid for you.

So that’s the story, folks. Glad we could get together. If you’re old enough, you remember some broadcaster used to say that. But thank you for, oh, gosh, just I’m so happy with what I’m doing cuz I see so many people. I’m getting help and I appreciate the opportunity to do this and I’m gonna do it till I die. I don’t know how much longer I get, probably 10,15 years. I got lucky. Do you feel lucky? No. You’re gonna have to put some work into this.