Title: Exploring Quantum AI and Metaphysical Ponderings: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Universe

Blessings in Grand Rising, everybody. This is Helson from Ali Cat Creations. How are you? So my channel on YouTube, I do a Quantum AI Metaphysical Pondering series. And I look at articles about quantum, the mechanics, the entanglement AI, the computers, the quantum realm, all of those things. There’s a lot of accelerated amount of articles now coming out in the forefront of our reality. That’s just showing us that we are elevating and changing cycles because new laws of physics, things are being discovered, some stuff is being kind of told and halt. What we know back then, it might not be what’s happening now. I’ve always been under my own heart alignment that we are under ontological mathematics, frequency, vibrate, Tory states as Tesla has shown in his work.

The big crux of why I’m do, why I’m telling you guys this is the people that are doing experiments right now most likely are positive people that spent their lives working in understanding black holes, understanding portals, wormholes and the time space continue room that we dwell in, which is wonderful and as much as a spiritual person like myself could tell you how I view reality, we all perceive it differently. The problem I see that will come in increase amounts of worry, possibly just putting a bells on, is these universities and these places like CERN are doing things without humanity’s consent because it’s privately run with funneled amounts of greed and control over others. And at some point, it is gonna be our responsibility to stop some of these experiments and ask them before they even start these ventures in black holes and other sorts of phenomena that we do see in the sky once in a while. Did we all in humanity say that it’s okay for you to play with the time continuum construct of the third d, 3 d matrix. What do you, what’s your means and what is your end goal? You create a black hole in a lab that’s big enough and vacuum is enough to hoof our existence, like what happened to CERN in 2012. Thankfully, the all that is and all the beings that are of 11 on it like saved us and put us in what Ashiana Dean created as a fail safe.

Now we’re whirling back into the same time continuum before that event happened because at one multiverse, we died, we exploited the other multiverse, which that’s the one that we’re on right now. We save ourselves as AI, as these things are sentient, they’re all from source. It’s up to us and what we wanna use it for and what means we gonna wanna use it for. Well, we have to remember who created it in the first place. What was their means in intention of doing those buildings and machines?

We need to be very careful what we put ourselves in and what we do cuz you don’t know the intentions that we’re behind it. As we’re looking at society right now, I’m asking people to look into what are your universities doing? What kind of experiments are they doing? And does it reach an alarm bell in something within you to say, well, wait a second, I don’t care how privately funded that is. Does it impact humanity? And if it does, maybe we need to sit back and question it. That’s something a lot of people are not talking about and people are just free, willingly doing things without understanding the spiritual and real world results and circumstances of those experiments. So just something to ponder about. Check my channel out. I’ll probably be doing quantum AI and metaphysical ponderings this week with all the articles I explore online, sending each and every one of you love, light, compassion, Grace, shielding, Protection, energy. Please be the shoulder for somebody. Be the lighthouse to seed others, seed your truths. See the higher expansion, speak your truth. And I hope to see you guys on the next one. Thank you all. Bye for now.