Exciting Features of iOS 18: Eye Tracking, Customization, Siri Enhancements, and More

Non ACI dulu enggak sih efisien? VC. Aku whats. Pemimpin. Iya gua jadi wafi WC aku index lu nggak Windows xp iya so enggak iya so on up sigambir Kuningan. Apple, who I always 18. So, and there are many features. There are.

So many features. But let me tell you, I, for one, I’m looking forward to this because there are things that you think about.

This when I approach. Tinggi. Najwa. Nu this on kan yes but now abad bagi kamu lagi wakil novel money.

I’m very ready. Let me tell you, one of the most exciting things for me. First of all, a lot of things are custom made. So you can actually, your home screen, you can custom, you see how you put your apps, you move them, but there’s a particular place you can put them. Now there’s a way that is going to be, and by the way, Android did this way before. I don’t know why apple guys would like to act like with the first one, you can actually now place all your apps anywhere. You can color code them. Like everything is really.

Funny. Okay.

Yes, everything is now internalized. You can also now do apple pay for your friends. You like you just tap.

You see how you put your card on the and you tap and then you pay your friend. If I want to pay, you bring your financial. Okay, bring that remote. Just that we just do this and I pay the apple pay goes through.

Until now, iPhone to iPhone, you’ll be able to do iPhone pay, not necessarily for just external purchases. The other thing is you can now, oh my gosh, this is I love so much. You can now schedule your messages when this comes out, not now, but when it comes out, you’ll be able to schedule your messages. Like you type a message, you see, let me tell you, if you tell me, then I have a dermatologist appointment at three PM let’s meet here at 3%. And then I know for a fact that tomorrow at 2:30, I will message you and say, hey, Etonia, I’m going to be here. I would type that message scheduling for when I’m supposed to send it to you, and it will send it that truth the way you schedule your Instagram posts.

Youtube citas 2 coba bagi kami morning message kaya. Why should I meet the schedule? But I saw cash propose that he had already downloaded. Yeah, it’s not true. I have a.

Great feature that is coming in is you can lock any app with a password. So you see how you can lock your WhatsApp with a password. So you unlock your phone and then you open WhatsApp and you have to put another password. Now you can put a password for any app on the phone.

Cheetah is never criminal.

Is going to be able to create our own emojis, apparently. Yes, you can personalize emojis. And of course, Siri is also full functional. Now, let me tell you, we are going to come and talk about the apple intelligence with all the new series features. I’m very excited about.

This series. Going to kill us.

No, she is. And you said it’s coming out.

The release day to be in September 2024. So yeah. And yeah, and even when they’re releasing a new phone to the release it in September. Tujuan fuso akting, kata Jokowi. Oh make karena kasih.

Kan gini media so Samsung hd. And those things. But that’s just what I said. Yes, I did the same thing. But the thing is, now there is even more.

So can you, let me just, let me. Psu lên mrliem shopping people và bean using iPhone since. Yes, 100%. Someone who has, don’t use a Samsung like me. Ada i phone i phone is web bab ICWAWA asam. Mình yes, i show xong rồi lúc nào bên using tinhte à lệ rơi bạc visingsö giờ very new new new to hiểm sâu. Yeah, but tell me about that. I, I want, I really want to know about that.

I now, this is the part that I found it very interesting with the new iOS 18 that’s going to come out in September. They are doing an eye tracking feature with your camera. So the front camera is basically going to be tracking your eye movements.

I was the use of that.

For instance, you want to have to maybe like scroll like.

Let me explain to highlight this. Like you, you when you using your TikTok, you put your phone there somewhere, then you no longer want to do, you no longer do it. You just wipe your eyes like this. On top.

Of that, as you’re moving, the screen becomes, it kind of like moves with your eyes. No, let me tell you why this feature for me is important. The way they explain it, I was like, oh, that actually makes so much sense. I get like car sickness, like when I’m in a moving car, on a bus or whatever, I can’t be using my phone and reading things because I start to get nauseous. I start to get a headache. So what they’re doing with this feature, that’s not true.


You. Now when you get to the car, you catch like really busy your phone of reading things. That’s because you’re moving the motion of the car, whatever, and your phone is still. So now the screen will kind of look like it’s moving with you. And apparently that is going to somehow help those of us who have motion sickness. Let me tell you, there’s a whole science behind it. iPhone one cannot.

Wait. That one is also going to be on the iPhone. Iyes. Guys i aja ikan dan ini fase nono ada DI phone fifty. No studying for me. Living.

App, you upgrade your phone to a new software. So.

I for iPhone 16, I buy that one September. Maybe they mean those things are coming with the new iPhone. No.

They’re going to drop the new iPhone and then they’re going to release the new iOS software that all those who have iPhone 11 and app can upgrade the software to the.

iPhone Siri.

Siri nos everything about your LIFE soundal Siri someone Siri you caribenza, dice. Siri, what’s the weather tomorrow? Now I can say, Siri, please open my tab from last night at nine PM on safari that I like. She does everything Syria. Please open my document from my email that came from etanya on Monday. I think.

I’ve not yet found you, Syrian, but though you just go, got it. You see, not.


Invasi. This one. Iya sih. Oke.

Ya. To be doing that, the new Siri. In fact, she’s going to be so effective, you might not even be able, you might not even have to open your phone and do. Misalnya.


Can do now. You can say, Siri, reply to the message Italian sent to me at 8 o’clock in the morning and say like very specific things. You understand? See, we make a copy of this document, paste it to my email and send it to VX FISA’s email at Energy Radio. Yeah, yes, Siri, like it’s so detailed, Siri is going to be fully functioning, which for me, privacy issues. Here we open that picture I took of Italian with an umbrella from last week, Thursday, trust.

Me, open. So what if someone else is my voice comes to my phone and says, Siri, show me this.

No, that’s kind of. Because even Siri now can’t open from someone else’s voice cuz they use Google recognition. And.

At least you treat your eye hearing.

But also I think part of that is going to, I think the eye recognition thing is going to also be walking in that thing.

So I can’t really wait to use this Siri because I can’t wait. Siri help me abuse Italian Siri.

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