Zombie Kids Evolution: A Legacy of Undead Adventures and Exciting Evolutions

Hi, everyone. Nathan here from my Lancer Games, little misses here with me as well. And we’re just gonna tell you a little bit about Zombie Kids Evolution. So this is a fantastic little legacy game. It’s for two to four players ages 7 and up. Should play in about 15 minutes. And it looks like a fantastic little game. It’s a legacy game. You can add stickers and stuff on the board, so the game gets better and better as you play it more and more. So we’re gonna crack this open, show you what’s inside. And then this is MLG and Little Miss MLG and I are all gonna play this and then we’ll come back and tell you how cool we think it is. So let’s get inside the box and see what’s what it looks like actually inside. So they are on the box itself is really cool.

The Zombie Hunter’s Guide caution, you’ll see a number of envelopes in the box. Don’t open them until you’re allowed to. Some tokens. So these are the characters, I guess, and some different bits and pieces over here. So we’ll put that on side. Oh, and this must be the game board. Very nice, colorful double sided game board. That’s weird. Yeah, that we’ve got daytime and nighttime. So nighttime has got zombies all over there. What? And daytimes got. That was zombies as well. I thought that was people dropping. Cuz this one over here is got a car. I thought that was people were dropping their kids up at school. So then we’ve got envelopes, loads of different envelopes that are all numbered 1,3,5,2. So these are the different envelopes that tell you different parts of the game. Yeah, but there’s loads of those, maybe like 15 different envelopes. Yeah, loads of different envelope. Anyway, go, let’s get those out of the way. And then there’s some little sandy markers for the counters and the players and advice that’s no good, is it there? So a different colored dice. It’s got five different symbols and a blank side. And I guess that tells us what we do. So we’ll go away. We’ll have a quick flick through the rules, and then we’ll come back after we’ve played it and tell you how cool we think it is.

Hi everyone. We’re back. We’ve just been and played Zombie Kids Evolution. It’s a fantastic game. Little Miss chose this game. Why didn’t you choose it? Because the person that I was playing has a really cool white soever. And you, and what made you pick it from the box? It, you just thought it was really cool colors and stuff? It just look really awesome. And this guy looks super cool. I played as this dude on his bike with his crossbow. It’s just, these guys, they’re cool. So it’s dead simple to play. You roll the dice. You put a zombie in a room. You move into the room, you kill some zombies, you get outside, you lock the gates, you stop the zombies getting into the school. Plays through really quickly about sort of 15 minutes a game. And then as you move on and on, you open these envelopes as you play more games, and these add more stickers and different bits and pieces in like super zombies are cool lately and in your little characters evolve and they get superpowers. But then you have to put more zombies on the board so it gets harder and there’s 13 of these envelopes that you can open and they’ll add different things in. So it’s like really kind of replayable. There’s all sorts of cool stuff that you can add in, like clones and other bits and pieces. So it’s really cool.

You can play this game for ages over and over again. The little chart in the book chart through about 40 play throughs or whatever with different milestones and things that you can unlock this. It’s just awesome minute really enjoyed it and it was a great little family game that you could just pull out and play. It gets harder and harder as you add the other bits and pieces in as well. So definitely check this one out.