Unveiling the Essence: Aesthetic Challenges and Personal Growth Through Creative Content Creation

So we need to talk people, and this is a serious conversation. So I’ve been giving you a static appeasing content. Do you see my three videos? Do you see my three videos? There was the bedroom video, there was the Volus video, and there was my workout video. Did you see the angles? Front, backs into side, in the cupboard, out of the fridge. In the fridge, I was giving you the content. I’m serving the content. Mauko, why? I read the comments. You guys were so shocked with the second video, the woolly shuffle video, that people were asking, why am I looking so upset? What happened to Mina? Is this the AI version of the Mina? Where is she now? They, she’s still, yeah, but just want me to be valuable. I mean, use 11 when I come in and be valuable, amine.

And now she’s coming out. Use one I like. Look so shocked. Looks so shocked. Don’t be shocked. But on the serious note, to the content creators out there that does this aesthetically pleasing videos, the way you act, I feel when I make these videos is what the, why am I putting my phone in the camera? Why did I put my phone in the foot in which I’ll Cassie to walk past with a trolley like a malachin a bunco and everybody is watching me. Everybody was watching me. But you know what? There was one part in a video where I had to catch that. Chicker’s owl. Woman misses till No. 4. Please make certain new my school card is out. I wanted that sound in my video. I made the lady by the toe please say button four times when it was my turn because I want to make something. I got the sound. Customer did not waste your time. But we’re doing it for the angles. We’re doing it for the plot. I was doing it for the plot. You were with me, lady. If you, I think you call me on TikTok, you were with me. It was rabbit. But here’s the point. I’m delusional and I always get jealous when I see these people making these mistakes.

And I thought to myself, Mina just must delusional. Mina, you believe it, eh? You can do everything and anything. Come on, go. This is your big test. Show me what you got. Show me. You can do the angles from bexing the side in the cupboard, out the cupboard, in the fridge, out of the fridge. So I did it. I did three videos. My goal is to do 30. And after 30, I’m gonna retire as a stitched pleasing vibe. So please guys, be with me. Cuz this is actually a challenge that I’ve set for myself where I do these are city KPIs in videos. And when you see the videos, don’t go comment what’s going on. Just understand that I’m going through something right now. I’m trying to prove something to myself that I am that goal. And if I wanna be that goal, I could just switch it on and switch it off like a pattern. So yeah, 27 more videos, aesthetically busy videos are gonna happen. And I need to think of the next one. You know what I’m gonna actually do? Unbox, do I have video on of unboxing of my bag? My first bag that got my. I’ll be back. My first. I’ll be back. And if you watched, you, you know, if you know the story, we ask like next. And then I went back for the shopping bag cuz I wanted the iron shopping bag. I’m gonna do unboxing of that bag cuz I’ve never done one. Do that. Need to try different things at the gym, one at the shopper, one at the bedroom, one. Now I’m gonna tie my hand at doing a aesthetically piecing unboxing of a bag just because I wanna know. I wanna shitprove to myself, I can’t do it guys. That’s what you need to do. We in doubt, just do what?