AI Chat GBT Empowered Voice Recorder: A Detailed Review and Testing Experience

This is AI is a chat GBT empowered AI, artificial voice recorder. So basically it attaches to the back you foe records your food courses and then also transcribes it apparently perfectly. Whatever what they think of decks. I mean, listen, take away what you might think of it in principle, it’s actually quite handy device.

The fact that it connects to chat, GBT and AI is a different matter altogether. This is wild. This is wild, right? We’re gonna get it over and I see what it’s all about. I’ve got my other phone here.

Let’s turn it off so we can actually test it real time. Now I’m gonna caveat this. No, they’re not cheap. And 2, you also need a subscription. It does come with a 3 month subscription for free, but after that, you have to pay.

So I think it’s for one, it’s one of those, it’s like those, one of those gadgets is for people that like just, they love this stuff a bit like me. Is tidy.

Look at his light. Look how right I got. Let me spin this round in a second. But look at that, teddy. Well, there is no, I can’t look how small it is. So this is the box. There’s instructions. I don’t know what you need to do with it.

So that’s the device there. I got this. There’s the device. I’m assuming that’s what goes on the back of the phone to hold it in. There’s charging cables and adapters and then instruction. I’m gonna have to read these. I will for the first time ever.

If you don’t read, I’m gonna have to read these instructions process because I don’t know how it works. Okay, that’s German. Let me see if I can find English. Quick guys. Download the app, right? Let’s download the app and let me go in there. What is that dog doing?

Okay, so this is the app here that I need to download. So I’m gonna download that. Okay, so that’s downloading. Let me read the rest of these instructions. Okay, so we need to, let me just register and sign in. Okay, we’re in. Go to connect. Right?

Where’s the device? Right? There it is. Okay, so what do I do? Let’s have a look.

I’ve got to turn it on product and then press and hold this button. Is that what it does? And then I click go Connect kite. Oh, okay. Connecting. It’s my three month plan has been activated. Get started. Is that, eh, is that, is it connected?

Right. Let’s hold on to my phone. I was, there’s also a ring as well, but that goes on the back there.

And then I’m assuming this just fetching slots in the back alert flash sale. I said that, right? What do I do now? Right. Hang on. Hat. Right. Hang on.

Note recording. Toggle down. Notes to note record, toggle up to phone call recording. Long, press the button. One second indication of wording has to start it. Oh, should we record them? Call my mother. We call my mother.

Are we ready? As I’m gonna test it out, see what happens. We’re just gonna do this real time, right? I’m gonna press and hold the bird, but I cannot.

Hi Matt, just so you know, I am filming a video. I’m just testing something out. Okay, left. Are you alright? Yeah, no, me and Kevin were having a good sort at, you know, in the middle room or then boxes were empty and more breaking them all out.

We found some more of the things that the sheets go in. Lovely. So I’m just testing out this voice recorder. So I am filming a video, but that’s what I need to do. I just need to. I’m gonna test as well. I’ll call you back in a minute. Alright, bye bye.

Okay, so, and then to end long, press a button for one second, but I felt a vibrant.

Okay, we’re gonna do this together. Okay, so this one here is the call that I just had. So it’s got the call up there. I’m gonna click general right in English. What, how do I want it?

Meeting notes call. I’m gonna do call Ada and I can select general right is transcribing it. I wonder how long it takes. Also, I think it’s actually recorded the call. No. Hi, mother. Just see it. Oh, I am filming a video. I’ve just tested something up. Okay. Oh my God. You know, in the little room and boxes, right? Oh, no.

The call involved testing a voice recorder for filming a video. Organizing the middle room test included emptying and breaking down boxes and finding items for sheets. Participants were the. Was the caller’s mother. Look, it’s got a summary. Transcripts. Oh, my God. Look, it’s got a transcript. Was a mindmap. Oh, it has not. Oh my God. But ACAP, I’m a little bit speechless.

Call information, daytime location, the fact that is per how it somewhat, how it understands what I’ve said and is also recorded. The sheets go in. Lovely. So I’m just go ahead. This voice recorder. So I am filming a video, right? This is good. This is wild. I’ve never seen anything like this. That’s wild.