Navigating Scams on Buy Bit: A Content Creator’s Response to Criticism

Morning. It has become increasingly important for me to address this, and I’m not even going to bother with the fancy cameras. I’m just going to go straight to the point.

I woke up this morning into a video on TikTok of a girl saying something about she had a problem on buy beats where something, I don’t know something about P2P. And she texted yourself acclaimed favorite tech content creator and snobda something and then she proceeds in the caption to say something about she used to like his work and now she really doesn’t, blah, blah, blah.

I don’t know how that directly affects me because, you know, like in my work does not change anything. Like it’s an insignificant comment in it. But here is the part that I wanted to really address and talk about. I have made more than three videos on my Instagram, TikTok, everywhere that I posted, showing people how to avoid scams on buy bit, mostly because when binads got banned, a lot of these commas there on their P2P platform migrated to buy beat. So I showed you how to use verified, what’s it called, verified vendors. I showed you how to, you know, like just basically check for the percentage of fail transactions, design successful transactions and design data and all that just to make sure that when you do transactions on by a bit, you don’t get any problems. I personally still do transactions on buy beats pretty much every day and I don’t have any issues right now.

This person’s issue or the reason why this person decide to make this video to try and train with my name is because she apparently sent me a DM 3 days ago and I didn’t respond. She sent me a comment like after I saw that video, I went to search for Andrew on Instagram and check the messages. She had sent me a DM truly that she had a problem, but that was all she said in the DMS. She didn’t say what the problem was. She didn’t say what it was about. She didn’t say what she needed my help with. She came into my comment section and said, oh, I sent you a DM. I went to check the DM and saw nothing. So I come back and I’m like, oh, you forgot to tell me what the issue was.

After that, I put my phone away and I face my life’s problems. I have this stuff of over 15 strong. I have businesses to manage. I have my life to manage. Am I supposed to leave everything and be waiting for you to do the right thing? I don’t understand this Gen Z. Imagine if I came to your house or a place of work, I knocked on the door and I said, poor, heavy problem, and I just stand there looking at you and I just looking at me like, okay, so what’s the problem? How are you supposed to help me if I cannot communicate like an adult human being? Makes no bloody sense.

The other day as well, somebody sent me an email, track me to sue this all was very funny. Treat me to sue me for everything that I have because I have attached an application that I used to pay my NEPA bills and I got a virtual dollar card from. But you decided to take that application that me, I said used to pay bills. You decided to use it like a bank as if it’s op or bumpy or Kuda for some reason. And then when they had to deactivate their withdraw feature because of some scam thing for a few hours, you now come and say you want to sue me because you cannot withdraw money. Make it make sense. I feel like when people are talking, some of you just don’t. I’m not even trying to be anyways. I’m not the UK person. I understand and I’m not on the internet to make enemies. I reached out to somebody at buy bit and I sent a handle to them. So hopefully they will reach out to our and you know, they’ll help us solve whatever problem she had.

But I just wanted to remind her and everybody else, I am not like your other content creators. I genuinely do not give a flying if you like my content or not. As a matter of fact, I am the only comments or content creator that will never tell you follow and like to see more of my content. I categorically ask you to follow me. If you don’t like me, if you don’t like the content I’m putting out, if you don’t like how I do my things, if you don’t like that I have in life and I’m not spending all my life at your whim and just living for you all the time, eh, on follow and block me.

I don’t give a sheet. It will not reduce the number of problems in my life. It will not reduce the money in my bank account, whether you are here or not. It’s not going to make it easier for me to feed my family. Do you understand? I genuinely don’t give about this stuff. Like, I don’t, everything I’m doing on the internet is to help people. And if you feel like I’m not helping you and I’m adding to your problems.

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