Innovative E-Commerce Strategies: Harnessing AI for High-Quality Model Photos and Product Visualizations

Let the world have no difficult business, your vision may have to be realized by AI.Do you really need to spend a lot of money to hire graphic models for e-commerce?Do we really need to hire a photographer or retoucher?In the AI era, one person can establish an e-commerce army.Next, I will demonstrate to you two AI drawing tools that can generate a batch of high-quality flat models in just 10 seconds. You can make these models wear the clothes you are selling and achieve a realistic effect.Pay attention, this is a store that sells clothing. The clothing looks good, but the seller did not take good model photos to save costs. If the seller knows, they can generate a batch of high-quality model photos in a few minutes, which I believe will greatly help its sales.Next, I will use Midjourney to demonstrate how to generate model photos and how to make models wear the clothes we are selling.We use the currently popular AI drawing tool mini to turn it into a model.First, enter the command, which is called a spell, to generate a high-quality picture of a beautiful 22-year-old Chinese girl. You can see that she has received the command, and then start drawing pictures of this model. We speed up, and this is the first batch of model photos he generated.Attention, the copyright of this model belongs entirely to you, because you are the author of it, and your drawing pen is your command. You generate your work with your command, and you own the full copyright of this work.

I prefer the second one, so let’s let the second one generate a high definition graph.Okay, this is the model photo we finally selected.Then let’s go back to the clothing page we just mentioned, cut out the image, and paste it into an online cutout website.OK, this picture has been cut out. Let’s download the cut-out picture, use the online design tool Must Go, and then directly edit the clothing onto the model. This is a very simple operation. Help us upload the photo we just spliced together directly to Midjourney. We directly copy the address of this picture, and then use this spell to paste the instructions for generating the model at the beginning.

Okay, then let’s generate AI with it. We have already put this piece of clothing on the model’s body, and the effect is still very good. Moreover, the clothing is relatively close.You can see the second picture of the clothing, which is the closest to the original picture. You can choose one of them to generate a high definition picture. Press UE and you can directly use this photo to put it on your description page.You may wonder, if the photos just generated are of modern women, can this advanced AI tool really generate ancient women if they are selling Hanfu?In fact, not only can she do it, but she is also very stunning. This is a photo of a woman wearing Hanfu in ancient times in a palace that I asked her to generate. It is very beautiful.Then I asked him to continue expanding according to the first picture, and I was very satisfied with the photos I got. In the end, I chose this one, which is really beautiful with various lighting and details, as well as the details on the clothing, which can be said to be impeccable.If you sell Hanfu and post photos of models like this, would you still worry about not selling well?I don’t know if you still want to ask that deep clothing is different from the original clothing, which may be misleading to consumers and may also be a risk.Next, I will introduce the second method, which can preserve the original appearance of the product with high fidelity.The second method is to use a more powerful and flexible AI drawing tool called stable diffusion.In fact, the underlying driver of Midjourney also uses this stable diffusion model.Then we need to use the pattern of generating images from images. In fact, the so-called generating images from images means that we need to first take a model photo, then replace the model’s face, hands, and feet with real ones. Even the hands and feet will eventually generate a real model photo, and the clothes will retain the real appearance of the clothes. Finally, we can obtain a product photo that is responsible to the customer.

Okay, let’s first drag the image in and use the impend mode. These are the requirements for it to generate, and then these are the requirements for it to avoid. Then continue to set the relevant parameters. If you have any questions, feel free to consult me at any time.I also learned this method from another blogger named Changchangjiu. I am studying various AI-related knowledge in a super-saturated way every day, and finally I will summarize it into my tutorial to share with everyone.Now let’s smear the first model. Once it’s done, we’ll click general rate. When it’s ready, we’ve already generated 5 pictures. Let’s take a look.Wow, sure. I’m actually very lucky to be able to generate such an effect for the first time.

I think this one is pretty good, so we’ll choose this one and let it generate for the second time.Maybe this hand is not very good here. Let’s let it regenerate again. Also, this corner may not be perfect. Let’s do a second generation on this part. After it regenerates again, we can see that the effect is much better now. The footsteps are very natural.There may be a slight flaw here, but it’s not noticeable if you don’t look closely. I think there’s no problem with using this model in an e-commerce promotional image.Also, if you want to sell this product in Europe, you can make it generate a beautiful woman in Ukraine.If you want to sell this product in Africa, you can generate a black model.In short, you can generate images suitable for models around the world at a very low cost, and then sell your products worldwide.

Okay, I won’t generate another model for everyone to see. In fact, the methods are similar to videos. It’s already past 4am when I’m doing it, which is too scary. I’ve always wanted to make more videos and tutorials, but it’s really hard to find the time every day.Returning to the original question, will AI really replace the work of modeling?I think it’s entirely possible that it will replace a large part of it.Like photographers and retouchers, I think photography is just one aspect of photography.A true photographer has an advantage in understanding light and shadow, art, and aesthetics. AI-generated images also require the use of these principles. If a photographer has a solid foundation in this area, they can also use AI tools to generate the works that customers want.I believe that mastering the skill of asking questions will make your future career much smoother.Okay, that’s all for today’s video. I really need to go to bed now. Hope everyone pays attention and likes. See you next time.