Funky DIY Neon Mirror Light Wall Decor Project

Right, so let’s try it. I have raided Manan’s toolbox. I’m gonna put it there just so it’s in between my peacock feathers. So to be honest, it’s really lightweight, this. And you want to see how it looks on. Let me just show you. I’ve not took the plastic off yet, but this is how it looks and it’s mirrored. So I need to take the packaging off first. It’s like a hard trip. It’s really lightweight. Love it. Neon sign. So turn it off.

As you know, I’ve not got much space on a wall near any plug, so I’ve only got this choice or the one near my mirror, which I’ve shown. It comes with a chain. So you can actually hook the chain if you want and have it hang in, which I don’t want to do because I don’t like see in the chain. You know, I don’t want the change showing. It also comes with, let me show you these two sticky ones. So they got the hook on them. So you hook them through there and you can stick it. But again, I don’t like that because you’re gonna see the sticker on the wall. That’s just my preference, my OCD. So you get two of them. It’s got two holes at the bottom here as well. So two at the top, two at the bottom. So let’s see. I’m just gonna use these tiny little nails. And I’m doing this while my Nana host don’t shower me hammering on the wall. So let’s hope I can do it. And in my head, I want it here. So pick and stay under there. So we just go for it. I don’t know if it’s straight. I don’t know anything. We will got me hammer. Oh, no, I’ve just dropped it. That is not a good start, guys. I just drop the.

Now both are found that, well, I’m not good. That’s difficult. DIY Jenny. Absolutely. So that’s all the plus.

Oh, oh, let me take the plastic off here first. Like, let me just say, that’s alright.

That’s okay.

Let’s take the plastic off. I might put a screw at the bottom as well. Somehow need to find how to get this off as well.

Why did they put it? So why did they put the plastic on? So are. But let me comment from here. Oh, I kind of like that. That’s cute. HQ. Ignore the other light. Let me turn the other one off, right? Will you let me finish it and I’ll show you the full finished look, right? So I’m gonna put, I’ve moved that by accident and one more nail in at the bottom. Look how my gorgeous peacock feathers. I love them. And just gonna put one more just to be safe.

Okay. Okay.

That’s kind of cute. You know, it’s kind of cute. My face, if I get, it’s not perfect, but you know what? My room’s colorful. Everything’s a bit random and funky. So it will do. I’ve took the, they go off, set it off. And I’ll show you. We’ll put it on. Right. So this is it finished. I’ve obviously put it a bit hidden behind my peacock feathers just so it’s nearer to the plug for. It’s cute. That’s just my little funky wall. So it’s up. So may, what? Cuz like I said earlier, I’ve only got plugs there, or I’ve only got plug there and I didn’t want another mirror above a mirror. So that’s the only plugs I’ve got in my room. But how cute is it? It’ll be a mifoto still as well, like that Eva said. So that is it switched off and now is it switched on? Feel like at night time it’s gonna look cute and cozy cuz I’ve got my salt lamp as well, which comes on. Oh, I love it. Matches my colorful Deco perfectly. Super lightweight as well. So yeah, if I can pull it up, anyone can. So how easy was that? And that’s the finish. Look, just realize you actually got some screws with the neon mirror light, but I’ve used thinner ones anyway for the wall and it’s been perfectly fine. So, Bo, you do get these with it? My bad.