Microphone Practice Session: Jamming, Target Misses, and Boot Camp Feels

I got a new microphone from the TikTok shop today and I figured I’d give you guys a little mic depth session of my practice to see how this goes. Hopefully the microphone doesn’t fall off. Oh, not warm yet. There we go. Gotta get the grunting going. First set, hearty. A little bit tired, so. Right.

Oh, that was better.

Yes, those were good. So satisfying. Bye. Bye. Sometimes you just get a song stuck in your head. I don’t even know what song it is, but he just got a jam. Alright, target practice time. Oh, in it. I should have all three of those. Oh, yes, I got the code. Yes, clone. Hey, oops. See you. Oh, gosh. Hey, I get the tennis vacuum out here. This thing is the tennis got sent, eh? Say is my lower back. Mom just getting a really incredible lesson over there right now. Time to give some back and some love. Not warm yet. What? Oops, sorry. Here. I know. Okay, sorry. Moving target. There we go. Yes, come the outside of my knee gets a little sore on the back hand. Dang it. Hi, merchandise. Oh, not down there. Fail. So I get sunscreen in my eye. Always real.

Eh, sorry, eh. Got him. Besides whatever. Yeah, dislike. Okay, pray for me. We got side to sides coming up. Yes. Holy God. Pages boot camp.