Eerie Encounters: Haunted Hallways, Mysterious Rooms, and Ghostly Visitations

So I’m in the car with divine back there, and Jenny’s driving, and they’re interested in ghost stories. So I’m gonna tell them 2 ghost stories. My uncle, right? My uncle food from Sarasota. There is something about these hallways, right? So pay attention to the hallways. About every time when I use the restroom at my uncle’s house. This hallways like eerie. Very like, just like, what the hell is going on with this hallway and in the house, everywhere is chill except that hallway. And I have reason to believe that that whole, that just the hallway is haunted. Like that’s where the ghost chill. And every time when I go there and I’m like, I don’t like this feeling being here. I need to use the restroom and get out and go. My aunt died of cancer in that house, but my uncle also picked it up. My other uncle, my uncle Anthony, way to the house and said, there’s gonna be death in this house. But he was able to identify an object. He says, you need to remove those swords from the wall. There’s something about these swords on the wall which I don’t know. That’s what my uncle said. My uncle says you need to remove these source from the wall because there’s death in this house. We didn’t, well, I didn’t really put all of the pieces of the puzzle together until she died. And then I reflected, oh my God, something about that hallway.

So then Jacob, right, Jacob died. His room is here once again. Now this hallway of his. You, you, I go it once again. Another bathroom on the far right, on the right. You know, I go in the bathroom and then I come out. But something about going into his parents room, something is in that room. Like I walk in that room and I’m like, I don’t wanna be here. I don’t wanna hang out here. I wanna get out, right? Something about that. And also Jacob’s closet. I swear there’s something in the closet that was haunting him. I, and I swear whatever that thing in the closet is, told him to do what he did that night and killed him cuz he died of an accidental death. And I have reason to believe that whatever that thing in that closet is told him to take his life that night. And he died in that room with the door locked. And Jacob was a 21 year old pilot. He can fix both cars and planes. He was a very intelligent kid.

So I got this thing, I guess, I don’t know, as somebody else picked up the same feeling that I got, but when I start walking into people’s homes. Oh, and then there is Brandon’s house too, over there on 43rd Street or 43rd Avenue next to you? Actually, not next to you, but a couple blocks down the other way. You live on the south and Brendan live a little bit up north from you. And there’s something about. Very reckless. And that’s why you gotta watch out for Ding Dong was like that. So look, they gonna speed up and then in the middle breaks Brandon, right?

There is something about that room in the back, but it’s like, you know, it’s just this room in the back, but there’s this coldness to these smaller rooms in the bigger rooms. And I didn’t feel good about those rooms either. Sure. Right.

So one night, I guess everybody in there was doing drugs, which I didn’t know about cuz I was still a kid and, you know, and these young adults, these ding dongs, we’re using drugs and like all three people died. Yep, I went there. I came there and I saw his body bags everywhere. Oh my God. And Brandon called me. Brandon’s like, yeah, yeah, these people are dead in my home now. So I lived four blocks away and I ran over there and I’m like, oh my god, that’s definitely a body. And I’ll be a stretcher and I’ll be the corner’s office. And that’s a deputy. And I came into the home in the deputies like stop. Who are you? Let me see your ID now. Here you go. I have nothing to do with this. I just wanted to be here for Brandon. But yeah, so I’m able to pick up like energies in the rooms like that. Yeah, that was no joke. That was like, okay, I now, you know, later that I’m older, now that I’m able to like remember the feeling that I had being in those homes. Yeah, so you have to be, you have to pay attention to certain rooms and homes too. If some don’t feel right, that means somebody have died there before and the ghost, okay, they became a ghost. In Buddhism, we call that the hungry ghost realm. No, just linger there. I’m not sure what they do or how they do it, but it’s probably not safe for you to be there. And also my student Devin, who’s, I think he’s allows, he told me that his room was haunted, but he got out of there. He went to the army. And he said that like, he’ll wake up with like scratches on him and he’ll like hear things and things will move.

And then there was another one where Miss Maywin died in Sarasota. She’s an older lady, died of old age. But after she, so she hung out at her daughter’s shop. And her daughter’s shop, they’re, they do nails. And they told me like, yeah, she came and visited this couple of time and she would move the furniture around and move like the, you know, the tip, the jars that had like the equipment in it. They say, yeah, it’ll just move around. The chair would move by itself. But she was there. No, after she died. So she would come back and visit them and she’ll let them know that she’s there. And I’m telling you, talk to these. I know these people that would never make it up. And I’ve never heard any stories like this ever before that came out of their mouth. And I was like, okay, all right. Well, I’m glad my grandmother didn’t do that. It’s gonna move the chair in the house. I would have probably jumped out the window. So, yeah. So, I mean, this is why people believe in ghosts, because they’re real. They do come. They do visit. They do, they will move things and they will like, you know, push things over and they’re just gonna say, hi, I’m here. Yep.