Navigating the Panorama of the Internet: A Critical Analysis

One of the biggest downfalls of the internet is that it is allowed the town to congregate. Okay, before, if you were like, or a tool is only as useful as you are, you have decades of a nation that is cutting educational budgets, creating all kinds of rules and never emphasizing critical thinking skills. There’s a massive illiteracy. Right, that nobody talks about. And it’s because schools don’t have the resources that they need. Teachers don’t have the support that they need, and they’re leaving in droves because it is too hard of a system to do on your own. The internet can help fill in some missing pieces, but it can’t completely fix a shattered system.

If you don’t know what to Google, then you’re not gonna get the answer to your question. You know what I’m saying? If someone says, Yoda, Earth is flat and you’re like, cool, interesting, and you don’t critically think about that. You don’t question at all. You don’t look up fact based articles and you don’t even know what would make a credible study to begin with. Guess what? The internet’s not gonna do much for you. The tiny Jimmy, the guy this man’s talking about. This is how the town get together. However, if you understand peer based research, if you look at things critically, you’re like, I don’t know, a third is flat. Let me just look into that myself. And then you go and you find numerous things that immediately tell you it’s not. Then the internet wouldn’t make you stupid. It would help point you in the right direction. It’s cop out to say that the internet makes you stupid. That’s something old people say that they don’t understand the apps that they’re using. Oh, this is rotting your mind. Oh, this is whatever. Okay, but it’s also bringing a ton of people together that are going crazy cuz they’re surrounded by a town full of . You ever been raised in a small town? The internet saved my life single handedly. Okay? I would not have survived high school without it and I will defend it. You’re gonna tell me. A small conservative town in the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin, with less than 10,000 people. Really breaking the atom? No, it’s not. Sometimes I just like getting drunk at small town bars and seeing what people will admit to me just in the deepest haunches of their soul. And this guy admitted to me that he thought Obama was trying to take our guns to sell the aliens, like UFO aliens, not like undocumented.

You know what one of the most annoying things to me is that some people say and they’re like, I hate it when people look up stuff when I’m telling them something. Or do you just hate being questioned because you think people should accept things uniformly? No. Let your friends look up what you’re telling them and then have a normal conversation. It doesn’t take that long. Accept and welcomed being questioned. You’re not the end all, be all of information. I mean, don’t talk down to others, but normalize critical thinking as a not rude activity. And you will have more people who are like actually not being any so crazy concept, but here we go. Yes.

Does it maybe cause dissociative disorders? I mean, I would say maybe it’s more so from the light or just, you know, having too much. But it also creates amazing safe spaces for people who have been marginalized forever. It also literally introduces new information. It brings people together for social movements. There’s so many powerful things. It keeps friendships together across a country. It brings people together from multiple countries. It’s a beautiful, terrifying, neutral beast that should be respected.