Rebuke and Redemption: A Call to Return to Righteousness and Obedience

And this is why he sends his rebuke today. We have to nerve many of you raised in truth to tell the Lord that you’re tired of Henry Bukey. To force the Lord by your insubordinate nature and your insubordinate attitude to only focus on love. To just keep loving and nourishing and feeding and blessing you in your mess, when since there is no law and if there is no respect to the law, and since the truth of god or the law even of the spirit of life in Christ, Jesus has made you free from sin and death. You have gone from freedom to insubordination. Insubordination means not submitting to authority. It means to be disobedient. When you read in the word of god and it deals with forwardness, fro w, a, R, d, the Lord is dealing with disobedience. You need to look up that word. It deals with being prone to be forwards, to be disobedient always. And this is what Jesus Christ is dealing with.

Jesus Christ did not sacrifice his entire life, shed his body, shred it like cheese, tear his bones into pieces in order for him to have a bunch of disobedient, say, subordinate and rebellious children that are going to abuse their liberty and the mercy of god and their adoption as sons to do whatever they want to do because there has been such a quietness from heaven relationship to five and 13 Brethren, you have been called to liberty. But right now, liberty is taking a exaggerative position amongst us. The liberty we’ve been called to is being abused. And the Lord wants to pull your reins and the Lord is coming to censure your actions and to censure you’re disobedience before you find yourself in hell or in a grave or sweeping the benefits of what they sent out in their actions in 1st Corinthians chapter 8 and 9. The prong here was dealing with meets, those who eat meats and those who don’t.

This scripture applies to us, it says, but take heed. Let’s by any means that this same liberty of yours become not a stumbling block to them that are weak. We got people that are having male and the first gentleman in church. We have people that are upholding and point down on people who represent the church. We have people that are pushing sexualism. We can’t even watch you cook. Show us how to cook something without watching you eat it as if you are engaging in and is getting grosser and worse.

We have introordination in the White House. We have insubordination in the streets, insubordination and businesses, insubordination and home. We have so much rebellion and so many that are not being submitted and that are taking liberty to do whatever.

Because you have not heard from heaven, as in a quaking, a shaking or something terrible has not occurred yet. You have taken your liberties because you feel you’ve moved the law, you’ve moved the word, you’ve moved the truth, you’ve moved the word out of the service that you don’t have to hear anymore. But be careful when God shuts even his service down or when he pulls down your presence, because then you are open to whatever repercussions occur. God doesn’t have to come all the way off of his throne to come and give you a who scare. God can allow you to build up such a destruction for yourself that when it come crashing down on your head, you are the only one it happens to. You are in your own nightmare. You will be in your own whirlwind because you don’t want anyone to tell you. And for some of you who have gone through this, you have come out even worse, kimberelle, the death experience with the Corona virus and f come out even worse. What was the Lord trying to kill? The smart mouth mentality, the pride of her singing that she has for herself on his suffering, these things and he’s personally dealing with us. Demeda Chandler, who used to be married to ditricaden, had a terrible scare of cancer three times in her body.

What is god trying to do? To kill the flesh? To kill the nature, the inherent nature that comes from wherever you are, birth, whatever city, whatever spirit is in that city. If it’s rough, if it’s unclued, if it represents being in the streets, if it’s too knowledgeable, heady, prideful, whatever is in that city makes up the makeup of your pool. And the Lord comes to change you, to totally and completely change you. And many of you are holding on to you. You have been gotten back, turned over to you by messages that have gone out of the world of God into the liberty that I’m talking about. You’ve been priest. That is okay to have tattoos. You’ve been preset is okay to pierce your whole face up. You’ve been preset. Is okay to show your sexual pleasures in front of the people you have been preaches, okay to listen to secular music when the Lord have raised you to be holy, to be separate, to be set apart, to make a difference in the earth between clean and unclean, to be light among the earth, whereas you shine before the world to show and point and direct people to the attention of Jesus Christ. And the fact that you don’t do what they do and you don’t live like they live and you don’t dance like they dance and you don’t come essentially like they do and you don’t laugh at their jokes like they do. You are supposed to be a light of the world, a city on a hill that cannot be hit. But now you’ve used the fact of your liberty to create a new law in the earth with this generation. And God is not pleased. God said, I’m gonna set you up. I’m gonna move the parents out the way. I’m gonna move the old pastors and reveres and preface over you out the way. And I must set you up and see what you do. I must set you up and bless you and put you as the forefront of the nation and see what you do.

Well, you have made a total and complete insult of what’s supposed to represent Jesus Christ. And then you have your nerve to not want to be rebuked about it. God is rebuking publicly because public rebuke is better than secret shame. God is rebuking publicly because he wants you to get your life back right back on the straight and narrow before it’s ever too late. You are not hurting God with your rebellion. You are hurting yourself because you are building yourself close in hell and you’re building yourself your spot in outer darkness. And the Lord who is savior is sending these messages to convict you and to save you. To get your heart to once again circumcise itself, to look over yourself and say, search me, Lord.