The Debate on the Relevance of Cover Letters in Today’s Job Application Process

So I was browsing on IG and I just stumbled upon this post where a gentleman is asking, where are people sending their resume to apply for a job with no cover letter as another document or written in the body of the email. It’s honestly given lazy and unconsidered.

Now, this young maid responded to say, can an honest HR person actually see what is the relevance of a cover little? Your CB is an extremely detailed representation of your experiences, interest and qualification. What else is needed to shortlist the applicant? And no, I’m in agreement with this young lady. Your CV covers everything. The HR manager, recruiter, or hiring manager will need to know to make a decision as to whether or not you will be shortlisted. A cover letter is outdated. Cover letter is for HR practitioners who are in their 40s,50s,60s. It’s not for millennials because we know that everything that we need to know is on the resume. Why is it that the candidate should submit a cover letter outlining what is on the resume? That makes no sense. It’s a waste of the candidate’s time. It’s a waste of my time to go through and read when what I really want to know is going to be on the resume. It’s honestly a waste of time. It is very irrelevant because everything I need to know about the candidates will be on the resume.

The resumes are detailed representation of the candidate, their experience, their skill set, their interest, their qualifications, their references. Everything that I really need to know is there. They don’t need to put it in paragraph. That is very much unnecessary. I wanted to see your resume is well put together. That is enough. A covalent is very much unnecessary. And I can’t believe that there are companies in today’s society that is still requesting a over later. A cover letter is so unnecessary. It’s so traditional, it’s so old. There’s no importance of it.

Back in the days, yes, persons would submit a covaletta without a resume. So what normally happen is persons with submitter cobalita and the cobalita are two pages because it’s outlining everything in paragraph formats about the person education, qualification and their interest. Now you can have a resume with a nice template and everything is in bullet formats, easy to read and easy to understand. So the need or the purpose of a cover later in today’s DNA age is unnecessary and it should become absolute. It is really unnecessary.

Yes. When you’re submitting a resume or your application, it’s important that you have something written in your email. Yes, it’s important that when you’re submitting your application in your resume, you be professional in writing something in your email body. Don’t just send your application with a blank email body. You don’t have to put your cover letter in this body of your email. You can say, good day, please. Yeah, touch my application letters. I’m applying for the post or whatever. Be professional. You just need three sentences and that is it. You don’t need an entire covaletta. That’s unnecessary. It’s really not important in today’s DNA, not with millennials, maybe with so all the generation. And if you do realize every resume do have what you call, some persons will say it a summary profile, some persons will call it a profile summary, and some persons will call it a career objective.

This is really a summary of what would have been your cover little. It is going to outline, you know, where your interest lies. It will also outline the different industries or areas of expertise that you do have experience in and what you are looking for. So our cover letter is really irrelevant, and I don’t know how much I’m going to emphasize this. All you have to do is ensure that at the top of your resume, you have a profile summary or a summary profile or a career objective. That is it.