Become a Letter Writing Pro: Generating Extra Income Effortlessly

Hey, guys. I wanted to pop in just because today has been a very great day, but it has been a long day, a busy day, and my inbox is full, which is great. It is a great thing because I am able to help so many people. That is why I do what I do. So if you have messaged me about the letter writing, I promise I’ll get back to you. I really promise that I will.

A lot of people I know are hesitant because it’s new or they think I don’t want anybody to know that I’m looking to generate extra income. You don’t have to need extra income to do this. You can do it just to put it aside for vacation. You can put it into a savings if you want to. You can invest it. You know, a lot of people that do this don’t need extra income. They just wanna do it because it’s easy and you don’t have to promote a product. You don’t have to sell a course, you don’t even have to come on social media. You can simply just write letters.

So today, one of my friends, she jumped in at the beginning and I know that she was hesitant, but she trusted me. She knew if I was promoting it, that it was legitimate because that’s just who I am, okay? I would never, ever promote something that was not real and legitimate. That’s just not me. But I knew that it worked. And whenever she started and she started writing, she didn’t hardly ask me any questions at all. And I mean, I was there. You know, I would check in every now and then and be like, hey, do you need anything? You doing good? You know? And she’s like, I’m good. Just writing, you know, just waiting for my first drop. And I was like, okay. And so today she messaged me. And this is a thing because she didn’t message me hardly at all throughout the process. She followed the steps step by step, like they have it laid out so perfectly that you cannot mess up. You just can’t. And so she mentioned this morning, she said, I got my drop and it’s just her very first one, but now she’s gonna get him each week because she’s been writing each week. And I was just like, if I could have yelled it would have just like she. I’m surprised she didn’t hear me when I got that message cuz I was like, I knew she was gonna get it, but it’s just whenever they do and this morning, you should have seen the messages that I got this morning from people who signed up shortly after I did when I started talking about it. They’re getting their drops, too. Some people have got their third drop, their fourth drop. Like it is such a blessing. So I think that people are kind of hesitant because it’s something different, but it’s been around since 2,001. What’s new is somebody teaching us how to do it. They literally give us the companies to write for, right? To, they show us exactly what each company’s letter needs to look like.

This is the letter. This is my information. This is the letter. It’s two sentences long. That’s it. This is the envelope. Everything matters. They show us exactly how to write our letter, like what the words need to be and what, how the envelope needs to be addressed. Then what we do is take a picture of it. We can send it in. They prove it for us. Okay, our very first letter. That’s why I have a t right here. This is my template and I have a t right here. This is my template. So this is what I use when I write my letters over and over. I had to grab Addie for a second, but as far as the letter and then proofing it for us, the program that I’m, that I’m talking about, because they prove that for us, we know when we get it back for us. And if we have to make any changes, once we correct it, we can just start writing. We just write the same thing over and over to whichever company we choose to write to. Like I said, they give us the companies to write to. They shows exactly what each letter has to say for each individual company. And it takes me 5 minutes to write one from start to finish.

So whenever people message me, like just whenever I finish making my first video, I’ve been trying to make this now for like the past hour cuz I’m so excited for everybody. I just got another message from a lady. She’s like, Kim, I got my first drop and I was like, I am so excited. Like, are you not so excited? You should see the screenshots that I have that people have sent me messages. It is a blessing, you guys.

So, and I don’t tell anybody who signs up to write letters because that’s a personal thing. If you decide that you wanna do it, I’m gonna help you. But again, I don’t say anything to anybody and you don’t have to come on social media and promote it. You can simply just write letters.

So this is another thing. And this, it, the, this is not like rude at all, but whether you right or not, that doesn’t affect me because I’m getting paid for the letters that I’m writing. So I’m just sharing it with you because it is amazing. And you too, can write these letters that take five minutes. I do. I’m 28, five days a week. So I’m sending in 100 letters a week. And I’m averaging right at our little over $5 a letter. So if you have downtime or if you have little ones and you wanna stay home with them, or if you are retired or you don’t have any retirement, if you need something to generate income, you can do this.

We have, our program is amazing. And it’s not just a book or a guide, it is a complete program. It is a classroom with lessons. We have support. We have people that you can contact. You have me. We have an app. We have our members only Facebook group. I can’t explain how amazing it is. You just have to jump in. So if you’re curious and you’ve been hesitant, don’t be, because the longer you wait, the longer it’s gonna be for you to get your payouts. So send me a message because I’m here to help and I really want to help you.