Uncovering the Truth: A Deep Dive into Misinformation, Organized Abuse, and the Importance of Research

You know what’s so funny about this whole situation is that this is exactly your problem. You consistently do not look into the things you talk about, like repeatedly do not know what you’re talking about because you just refuse to further your knowledge. I don’t, no, that’s such a bizarre concept to me cuz I love learning.

I halfway commented with the terminology X programmer because I didn’t expect you to know what a pit is. And also halfway because I expected you to scoop this low and I wanted to see if you would actually do it. I wanted to see if you would take that bait and then just not look any further into what you were talking about and you prove my point.

A few things are evident when observing you. 1, you have never been in a scientific psychological space, not as a patient. You don’t know how to check which sources are reliable and which ones are not. You also don’t know what to look for within sources. You don’t know how to comprehend and read scientific literature.

Two is that you’ve never had an actual conversation with the survivor of programming ramcoa that was not like over the internet and wasn’t them trying to correct you. Because I promise if you did like have like meaningful conversations with us, you would know a lot more about what you’re talking about and you would not speak to us the way you’re speaking to us.

Three is that you absolutely have not done the research that you need to do to be speaking on this at all. I wouldn’t even say an actual survivor who has done the amount of research that you have should attempt to educate or inform people about it. You’re making all these claims, but it’s clear that you’re just regurgitating rhetoric that you’ve heard somebody else say and it’s just a game of telephone over the internet because you have an actually done the research to provide any like cognitive substance to what you’re saying. You have the cadence of a broken record that’s just repeating the same rhetoric from like four different sites or online spaces that are known to spread misinformation. Like I’m seriously questioning your ability to hear and read words and then put those words within context of other words. It’s gotten to a point where I’m genuinely bewildered that you’re still mouthing off the same stuff and refuse to hear the evidence. That’s like trying to penetrate your echo chamber. Like had you done any amount of looking with your eyeballs, you wouldn’t be in this situation. You would have known that your sources were or not saying what you thought they were saying, you would have known who I am and that I’m a victim. Why would a bunch of survivors be in cohorts with me if I was not also a victim.

Like this is common sense. I fear it also just goes to show that you just don’t know anything about how organized abuse and organized crime work. These things are called rings for a reason. These are interconnected groups of people that abuse and harm each other. There’s hierarchy, yes, but within those ranks, there’s a struggle in the midst of those levels.

The fact that you don’t know that like a huge chunk of organized programmers are also programmed or are also victims. Just says, it just says enough. Almost everyone that I worked with in the org, aside from clients were also victims and they were also program systems. My main programmer was a program system who allowed me to like view her programming and allowed my duo to view her programming. We both have memories of this woman and seeing what was going on with her and being taught by her. We both have memories of being abused with her.

The fact that you don’t know that a lot of this is generational is crazy. Cuz like read a singular book on organized crime and you would know this be a singular paper actually. And you would likely know that you think that somebody is going to be a part of an organized crime ring. And that ring or the person themselves is not gonna take advantage of the fact that they have a family, a vulnerable family that would likely listen to them.

Like, are you not aware that most trafficking happens by parents? This is a family ordeal. And from my experience of like seeing the intakes of kids whose parents sold them off, usually the parents were being exploited too. Not always, but I often saw the parents were in a difficult situation, like , mental illness, something like that. And the parent was being just put on drugs and then bribe with that, bribe with money or being intimidated, exploited, stuff like that.

This is what we call cycles of abuse. And had you decided to have like an actual genuine conversation with any one of us, if you had decided to hear us out instead of acting all high and mighty about you don’t even know, you would be in the know. It’s just bizarre to me how people will squander opportunities to learn because they’re so stuck in their ego, they’re so stuck wanting to be right.

And a lot of non survivors believe that we’re playing like a trauma Olympics game. And it’s likely, you know, the fact that they don’t feel secure enough in their own trauma. They feel as if we’re minimizing their trauma.

And I see you have OSDD. That’s a different causation. It’s not formed by as extreme traumas. So I can kind of see the line of logistics in what you’re doing still doesn’t make it acceptable, but I can kind of see how you got to this point. I’m not gonna accept your apology because you could have easily found out this information had you bothered to think critically or look into stuff. And honestly, you, oh, not just me, but the whole community. A massive apology for the you’ve been pulling. I mean, we’re probably not gonna get that apology, but you know, you still owe it. You can’t just like spread misinformation about our experiences and expect us to be chill with it. And you can’t just call us childish for not being chill with it. I know for a fact that if somebody who didn’t have OSDD was spreading misinformation on it, you would be upset and you would try to correct it. Granted, given your line of cognition and the fact that you’ve been wrong about so many things before. That said person, that hypothetical person may not be spreading misinformation, but, you know, I’m inclined to believe you’d still be upset. Yeah, I don’t know. You’re what, 23 and you’re acting like a child, like it’s time to grow up. If you can’t handle criticism, don’t get on the internet, baby. That’s just not how these things work.