Review: First Impressions of the Electric Chip Brush – A Detailed Account

Good morning, guys. Let’s do a quick review of this electric chip brush that I got from this Kim a couple of days ago. So this is my first electric toothbrush. I’ve never used an electric 4 and this is gonna be like a natural first time reaction.

Do you guys wet your teeth brushes before you put it paste or do you wait after? I’m a person who wears the teeth brush before 4 and then I put the toothpaste and then I wait after, you know, before it’s like rinsing because I mean, your toothbrushes with just sitting there, you don’t know whether it’s been catching dust or whatever. And then like when I now run it, run water on it with the toothpaste on, I’m, and I just like it smooth so that, you know, everything can just like be sparkly and clean.

Today I’m gonna be using this white glove charcoal with whitening toothpaste. I have been attracted to chuckle toothpaste lately because I’ve been tryna get my teeth. Like what? Especially because I am a heavy coffee drinker. So I get that brown stain on my teeth. So everything that says remove stains, white tens whatsoever, I and they signing up. What I can say though, the brush is too tiny. So it’s quite an adjustment for someone who’s used to using like a lot of cheesepaste, you know, when you just like, okay, the moment of truth is here. I hope this toothpaste won’t fly away. Let’s see. It does.

I don’t think this will work if you have sensitive teeth. I’m not sure if it’s the brush that is just that too hard or maybe I’m getting this thing when you, you know, when you just got a new tooth brush and the, and this bristles, what do you call these? That word. And they’re too hard. So it’s like a little bit uncomfortable. And now those things like vibrating and spinning. So I felt like, oh, my teeth were moving, this toothpaste flying all over the bar. I didn’t expect. I guess you need to start it while it’s on and we are done. What I can say is, No. 1, it’s quite some adjustment that needs getting used to, like the mess that I just made over here, you know, trying to get used to the pressure and the vibration. But I think it really cleans your teeth way better than you would do it yourself, especially because of the pressure and their rotating motion. I do not regret buying it. I feel like it is really a good touches. It is a really good upgrade. And the fact that I don’t have to like use so much energy and, you know, damage my gums and stuff like that. And also because the brush is tiny, you can literally just put it over one tooth and just, you know, focus on one tooth at a time if that’s what do you want. And also like it can get in those tiny little corners at the big because it is tiny. So I think it’s a good purchase. I think you can definitely try it. I still need a lot of training though, on how to use it. Do you recommend that you do get yourself in electronic too? Rush. Let me get ready for school.