The Perfect Dress for Every Body Type: A Halar Dresses Review

If anyone is gonna have a viral Halar video, please let it be me. Please let it be me. Because listen, these are the only dresses. This is three of the same dresses are not different dresses. I don’t have the leggings, I don’t have the shorts. I just have these dresses because this is the only thing I wear that I get complimented in like on a daily thing. Like not like I’m all dressed up in like some fancy freaking dress or whatever. Like I might get a compliment. I get complimented so much these.

And I think No. 1, because blue, like it might not look like it right now, but I think blue does look really good on me. And when I saw this blue shade, this is like the active, like backlist seamless dress. I don’t really know. It’s like called something like that.

You guys, these two, I’m not even putting them on right now. I’ll put them on later. I’ve worn them for you guys before. I already had these two and I told you I was gonna buy more. I’m slowly getting these in every color. I’m getting these in every color. I’m not just saying that. So these are the colors I have right now. And I am someone who I am pretty minimal. I don’t know if you can tell, but like, it probably doesn’t look like it, but I’m organized and I try to be minimal. So I do not buy stuff or co or like I don’t keep things or obtain things that I do not fully intend on using a lot. So I have worn probably the blue one probably 10 to 15 times already. And I think I’ve had it a month. I’m not joking. I’m not joking.

The black one I’ve probably worn probably like 10 or 11 times. The black I like. I want to get a second black one because the black I like because black you can wear anywhere you can wear. It’s very versatile. It does clip.

Let me just show you guys, eclipse right here, that this dress is perfect for your body type. If you don’t have a body type, like I don’t have an hour, I feel like my body is so average or below average that it’s not even. What body type is it? I have no boobs. I have no butt. But I’m not. I feel like I’m not skinny either, but I know a lot of people would probably say, oh yeah, you’re skinny, but I don’t feel like I’m skinny. So there’s a lot of stuff I wear. Like, I’ll go to TJ Max. Listen, I’ll go to TJ Max and I will get dresses and I will, they will look like they’re gonna me up. And I put them on and I look so, I don’t wanna say that. I look like a busted can of biscuits and I don’t. I feel like I don’t have anything that’s busting out but my body shape is so straight up and down, but also broad shoulders and my legs are like very skinny. So my broad shoulders, so I almost look like a triangle in a very unflattering way.

These are the, probably the only dresses that actually flatter my body type, actually. And I’m not just, it’s not just because of the skater skirt part. Now, this one’s wrinkled because I have not, this would just keep in the mail. This is the brand new one I have. This is why I’m making this video. Every single one of them has the criss cross back. And here’s the thing. I think the reason my videos haven’t gone viral yet with the Halar dresses is because when I’m wearing them on camera, I’m not the hottest, sexiest girl to wear a large dress. Like say I don’t have big boots, I don’t have like a big butt, I don’t have a tiny waist. If I had one of those things, I would probably go viral every time I wear this. But I don’t. I’m a very average woman with a very average body.

You don’t like, right? Your legs are too skinny, your shoulders are too wide. Whatever the case may be, you have nobody, have no butt. I’ve already said that enough. This is literally the dress that is probably going to look the best on you and will, you will probably feel the best in because I feel amazing in these stresses.

So again, these have been washed. I don’t dry these. I hang dry them. Okay, so I wash them on a regular wash cycle on a hang, dry them. The color is still so vibrant, you guys. It’s so vibrant and so beautiful.

And remember, these all have shorts underneath. This is why I’m recommending them. I s, I’m not joking, you guys. I, at one point in my life, I would go into Audi, like, don’t even laugh at me. I would go into Audi. I remember going into Audi once with my sister in law. I’m running across the parking lot. I was wearing a skater skirt, probably with a thong or something. And she was like, oh my God, Jordan, I can see your underwear. Is your underwear? I was like, okay, I didn’t care. Those before I had kids, I didn’t care. What was I thinking? Then I gave birth in 2017 and it’s like, okay, I’m never, I never, I don’t care if that dress is touching the floor. I will not wear a dress or skirt without shorts underneath. You don’t have to put shorts underneath this because it has shorts. And the shorts open up. They open up in the back. And I’m telling you, oh, it has pockets. I use these pockets. I use them. You wanna know why I use them? Because when you use these pockets, it’s not like normal sh active shorts that you’re putting stuff in your pocket and then it looks weird when you put stuff in your pocket and you put the dress over top of it, you don’t see it. Like you still look hot. You don’t even see it. So I wear this every other day. As long as it’s sunny and nice, like I’m not gonna be too cold. I wear this every day. I’m always putting my phone in my pocket, walking around the neighborhood. You can’t even tell my phones in my pocket. You can put your keys in your pocket. The other day I put a pad in my pocket cuz I knew that I needed one and I didn’t feel like putting it in my bag or split in my pocket. You couldn’t even tell.

So this red one, listen, there is one thing I do. They do come with cups. I take the cups out of everything I wear. I can’t do cups. I hate them. I hate everything about them unless the cups are sewn in, I remove all of them. So this red, I’m obviously going to do like a steam cycle on it. But then after I do that, I’m never gonna have to do it again because just washing this and air drying it, there’s no wrinkles. These do not hold, see, they don’t hold wrinkles.

But this just came in the mail. I am gonna be wearing this tomorrow, the red. I am so excited. I’m so excited for red. I’m definitely gonna get another black and then I’m gonna try to get every other color they have. I wanna get the maroon. I wanna get the green. So please make this video go viral so I can get all of the colors because this is the only dress I feel beautiful in.

And there have been times I have put on clothes, this is how I am. I have put on clothes, looked in the mirror and actually cried. So, and they’re so thick and heavy and soft. You can probably tell how thick this fabric is. They’re amazing.