Darkness and Deception: A D&D Adventure with Draven

Hey, Nova, are you ready for game of D&D? Absolutely. Alex, what adventure awaits us? Perfect. First of all, I want you to create a character. Just go through the backstory, the class, the race, you know, the usual deal. Embrace human backstory. Who has seen the darkest corner, the scars to prove it. Village driving grew up a renowned. Tragedy struck when banded rated their village meeting driven father’s gun and wakes up in the gutter of the city of Seven Pillars. He’s a bit, he went out drinking quite heavily last night and, well, he passed out like he often does. He can hear the sound of coal minds being, or cold carts being pushed to the streets. And he wakes up to the metallic sound of the wheels hitting the ground, driven of stones, the sound of the coal brings him grim reality.

Pistols ensuring they’re still with him, working order. He stands, he notices the dirt and driven the immediate threat. Another forsaken city. Brushes off another drink to. Well, let’s say that my employer would like to pay quite handsomely if you get rid of this small, tiny me doggo. I mean, you look capable. You look like you’ve been, well, you’ve been dealt with bigger creatures than this. So it’s just a few kilometers outside of town. You have there, you do some basic tracking. You find a werewolf, you deal with it, however use it bit. And when you returned to the proud city of 7 pillars, you will be paid quite handsomely.

Driven sitters the offer through the logistics. Alright, need more detail. He straightens and one more thing driven keeps who my employer is. It’s none of your concern. It’s above your pay grade. One could say you’re hired as a contractor. You’re meant to deal with this beast as an exterminator like I. S. You can see me as your main lawyer. Who is above me doesn’t matter.

Tell me where to find village this job. Adjust, ready to head out in advance. Little girl comes out of the shadows. And she’s a small girl, around 12 years old. She has long black hair and her clothes looks slightly torn up, almost as if she herself fought the werewolf but managed to get out alive. My name is Lisa. His pistols ready? Alright, Lin, my name is Draven. Do you know where it is? Closely more than she appear you’re safe with Roman insight. You can instantly see that there is something off with this girl. Her Iris looks slightly red, almost as if supernatural. And you can s almost smell the sense of wet dog in the air. I think it’s clear to driving that this little girl is the werewolf. Driven, ace driven.

He aims, care, dexterity, modify should be enough girl for damage to the. He keeps his stance, ready to fire.