The Great Game Show Showdown: Tofu, Trivia, and TikTok Toe

Thing. Yes, Carl no, is fireball. But see. Oh, okay, it’s gonna be minus 100 to James or.

Tofu. I really wonder what the next category after this will be.

It’s gonna be 500, I think. It’s awful. You can choose a.

Question. Okay, I need to get one. I’ll take geography for.

400. Okay, heads or tails? Bing. Yes, tofu. Heads. Okay, heads. Come on. All right. Yeah, heads minus 400 for the right heads.

Yeah, I. Why? Okay.

You get rid of that, but then you get 100 points for that, for having the right answer. So you go to zero. Wait, but doesn’t he lose the 100 passively still? No, he got a question, right? So it.

Disappears. I feel bad and good at the same time.

Did you get it right or did you get it wrong? Right.

I feel like I got it right, but then my account doesn’t feel like I got it right.

Was that what was that? Geography? Of course.

Oh, do I get to move? Yeah, you get to move.

I was, yes. The classic geography question. Flip a coin.

I’ll take the good side. I mean.

Okay, you can also move left, or is that right?

Can move Jamie. Yes.

Okay, moving to the player and steal 200.

No, Jerry goes to the bad end.

Okay, he also steal 200 points. Hey.

There is. It’s not the bad end. If you’re with a friend.

I steal them from Jayman. Yeah, I just want Jayman to have company.

Okay? And Jayman, you land on a bad wheel, so you have to spin the bad wheel. Okay, I hope I.

Move left. Left move. Left, move left. Oh, left, move.

No, it was so.

Close. It was beautiful. All right. High scoring game. Okay, definitely. You can pick again.

Space stuff for 400.

What is the first planet astronomers discovered dating? That’s not like toffel, first earth. Yes, it was earth. Gain 200 points and a player can’t act. Answer the next question. Who you pick in Damon can’t answer. Right. Pick another one. I would.

Like to move. Oh yeah, to good, please.

I just wanted to keep. Sure.

Oh, I’m just farming. It’s so nice. No, okay. It’s.

Okay. Okay. Gain 100 points and move another player. I like to move Carl. Okay, Carl will move on to the battery. Lose 100. That’s okay. It’s awful. You can choose again.

Math 400, please.

Okay. How smart is magic vanilla thing? Yes, Carl, 10,000 what? 10,000? Incorrect. Ding. Yes. Dofo. Yes. Incorrect. I was pretty dumb.

But that’s not a math answer.

I’m a feeling math isn’t math.

It it there’s a general trend between each of them. It’s not math.

Rocks and stuff. It’s not math. Okay.

Jayman, you can choose the next one. I’ll pick video games. 400 video games for 400. Okay, play me in TikTok. Toe actually know what I can just do this in Google Slides. Now I think about it.

There has to be like a TikTok toe generator.

Online. Now. This is better. This is on brand.

You don’t, you even make the X out of the.

Board. I might just be the greatest Google Slides expert the world has ever seen.

Actually not. Probably wrong. You know.

What? You joke, but you might be the greatest Google size expert I have ever seen.

Yeah, it’s a real competitive market. Is it though? No. Javen, you can go first. Oh, I have no idea about TikTok tower strategy. I think you go like in one of the corners. I go into one of the corners.

Wouldn’t it be the middle?

Alright, which, no, the middle is always a draw. Which corner? The bottom right corner. Okay. Alright, I’ll go. I’ll put it here.

A nobe. Yeah, man.

Eh. I.


Put mine in the top.

Middle. No.

How is this the most intense part of this show? So cool. I gotta think about this one. Just I gotta be 110%.

Sure it’s a draw.

You don’t know that yet. Okay, can I bet on it? Yeah, you know, you can bet if this is a draw. How was she gonna bet?

Oh, no, Jayman is participating. But then I’ll put 100 that it’s a draw.

Okay, I’ll put it here. Assume.