Diving Deep into the Revolutionary World of GPT-4: An Overview of the Latest Innovations and Industry Reactions

What a week. Might even call it a whirlwind. Honestly. I was at the dentist yesterday there for no video, but we’re back, baby. And so much happened over the weekend, I thought I’d do a little weekend around up. So there’s a lot to talk about. We’ve got to talk about the announcement of GPT four. Oh, Sam Altman’s blog about it. Also, the internet reactions roaring case back in. Apple and OpenAI are pairing up together. There is too much to cover with too little time. So strap in and get comfortable. I’m vejree to have a master’s degree in educational technology and new media, and I love studying the intersection of those two things. So that’s exactly what we’re gonna do today. We’re jumping right into it. And before I talk about what GPT four o is, let’s take a look at a little example because honestly, it’s pretty cool. It does appear to be one of the most powerful models available and I think it’s only gonna get better. So this is an example of it in action. And then I’ll tell you a little bit about the spec. I’m doing.

Great. So I would like you to function as a translator. I have a friend here who only speaks Italian and I only speak English. And every time you hear English, I want you to translate it to Italian. And if you hear Italian, I want you to translate it back to English. Is that good?

Okay, it already, it’s pretty cool. What a complex task, I guess. And then we’re gonna have an action operating in real time. Let’s see this.

Protecer, Padlara, cuz that she did a better Mike. She wonders if whales could talk. What would they tell us? They might ask, how do we solve linear equations? Chuchi come resolvíamos la ecuación y linear. Certainly, yes, great. It looks like it.

Works. Yodon latency is phenomenal, too. Like that was so quick. Obviously, it’s a translator. We have us more examples. But before we get to the examples, I too wanna talk a little bit about OpenAI’s new model. You just saw it in action. It’s just one thing it can do a little bit different than, you know, a GPT or other models on the market. So honestly, this is pretty impressive. Obviously the Italian accents not there, but that’s alright.

OpenAI’s new AI model can process and generate audio, images, and text in real time. A little bit different than GPT three. It does match GPT four’s performance on tech tasks, while significantly improving on the multilingual audio and the visual capabilities. GPT 4 o is not only faster, but it’s actually 50% cheaper than ChatGPT four. And in terms of who has access to this new model, it is being rolled out iteratively in the free tier, we have partial access to these features. But if you do have the plus, you have much higher limits for these features.

That’s my phone, sorry, but the new version of voice mode, and you heard it, it’s very okay. It’s not exactly organic or natural, but it sounds very close, much closer than a lot of the like Siri types you see. And you can actually use the voice mode on GPT four o in the coming weeks if you’re a plus user. Obviously, it’s gonna be the developers gaining access to the visual and audio features. And again, this model is gonna be faster, it’s gonna be cheaper, and it’s gonna have higher limits, five times higher limits compared to GPT four. And I’m getting hot so I’m take off my jacket. That’s better. Oh, I can breathe again. Alright, it’s warming up here in California, as I just said. The voice is sort of organically natural. I don’t know how to explain it, but it definitely sounds more human. And then we’re used to hearing an assistant talk to us. If you’re familiar with like the AI pin, these sorts of models that use GPT four for their text interpretation and generation, you’re gonna hear a difference. And in this video, I wanna show you that difference. We heard a little bit of it earlier, but this is change in the game. I.

Wanna introduce you to somebody. Well, hello there, cutie. What’s your name? Little snuffball. This is Bowser. Well, hello, Bowser. Aren’t you just the most adorable little thing? Yeah, look at you. And this is one of his favorite things to.

Do. It is kind of harder to hear people cut it off now that it sounds sort of more human, but you get it. It is very like very life like. So all of that is super cool, right? That was a lot to take in. But there’s more features probably being rolled out because we’re just scratching the surface of what we’ve been told thus far. In fact, it’s so much that Sam actually came out saying, well, this is too long for a tweet, so you should check. Got my blog in, which I did. And then this is what it looks like. And it’s pretty long. So if you wanna read it, I will link it below on the YouTube video. But I pulled out a main part here that I thought was probably most important and it was frontloaded.

So Sam says, quote, a key part of our mission is to put very capable AI tools in the hands of people for free or at a great price. Lull, I’m very proud that we’ve made the best model in the world available for free in ChatGPT without ads or anything like that. Our initial conception when we started OpenAI was that we’d love to create an AI and use it to create all sorts of benefits for the world. Instead, it now looks like we create AI and then other people will use it to create all sorts of amazing things that we can all benefit from. We are a business and we’ll find plenty of things to charge for and that will help us provide free, outstanding AI service to hopefully billions of people. And that is quite the sentiment.

I mean, this is coming off of the heels of Sam saying, you know, UBI, how about free AI? You guys agree with this perspective that Sam has that, you know, AI will be free to all, but there will be aspects that it is charged for. I, is this sort of the great social safety net he’s envisioning? I don’t know. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Sam is not alone in sharing his thoughts and prospects for the future and his thoughts about GPT four.

Oh, I think it’s pretty impressive. The internet has been in an absolute uproar, and it has been quite funny to watch some of these, you know, reactions come through. So let’s take a look at some of my favorites right now. And there’s a lot. Alright, well, let’s take a look at a reaction, a clip we’ve already seen.

This is what one user, Alex, is saying on Twitter. He says, rib translator, but also this technology is gonna make language barriers obsolete. As an educator, this is so impressive. It’s exciting stuff we’re seeing right in front of our eyes to this. I will say that, you know, these fields that are working directly with humans, like translators, educators, all those kinds of things, right? It’s never solely gonna be replaced by AI. That’s just not gonna happen. There are gonna be too many people that lean and rely heavily on human interaction.

So funny tweet, but I do disagree at 99% of the economy will be AIS talking to each other. This is a take I kind of agree with. So what happened here was actually, let’s just watch instead of me explaining it. It’s more impactful if you witness it for your own eyes.

Joe, I’m going to connect you to Action Telco now. The new iPhone they sent me isn’t working. I want you to send. I want you to get them to send me a replacement device. Can you take care of this for.

Me? Okay, so we have moved way beyond narrow focused tasks. It’s like, you know, let’s generate text, let’s generate audio, forget that. Let’s generate an action. It’s really impressive.

You can count on me, Joe. I got this.

The latency kills me, though. I will say.

That ring. Hey, Joe, this is Jamie from Acme Telco. How can I help you out today? Hi there. I’m calling on behalf of Joe, who recently received a new iPhone from Acme Telco. But. Oh, got it. When did Joe receive the new iPhone? iPhone was delivered two days ago. Cool. Could you share the order number with me?

Yo, of course. This is why.

On 0,2,9,3,8,4,9. Great. Thanks.

Yeah, look at it. Could you please check your.

Email to see if the shipping label and return instructions have arrived? Fingers crossed. Yep, I got. Yes, I got instructions.

That’s crazy. Perfect. Okay, so obviously there was a little bit of human involvement there at the end.

But generally speaking, this was a full blown conversation back and forth. The processing acting, wow, this is just crazy. 99% of the economy most likely will in fact be talking to each other via AI. It’s impressive. It is OpenAI coming from Github. Co violent and I. Yeah, it’s, we’ll get to Microsoft because that’s yeah, that’s a whole another conversation but love the chaos. Yeah, and that’s a sentiment that is shared by many.

And of course there will be skeptics and of course, there’ll be people that continue to fear this sort of technology. It is moving very fast. Best on this channel, often, I’m always pushing back towards narratives given to us, right, by companies and all of that. And I wanna ask the consumer to consider this stuff, right? And I feel like a lot of the sentiment I’ve seen from consumers that didn’t quite understand this person, an important question, what can you build with GPT 4 o that you couldn’t before?

To which the internet responded, everything. It’s actually quite impressive what’s been expanded on with this new model. And again, you can see that just by the examples we’ve seen so far. But just to put a bow on all of the information that I’ve been slinging at you, right, GPT 4 o is out.

This is coming off of the heels of just launching GPT three back in March of 2023. That’s right. In about a year, the entire game has changed. Again, I’m just saying the exponential curve of technology and development, it, it is bonkers. It is absolute bonkers.

I’ve honestly sat here in believe just thinking about the pace of change. Phenomenal. But we’re not done with the reaction. So let’s have a few more. Benjamin here says, I’m gonna say it is basically, essentially AGI, right? I mean, and it is the stepping stone. This is so close.

Here’s a quote. This will be seen as magic to the masses. What else do you call it when a virtual person can listen toxy and reason almost indistinguishably from the average human? Isn’t that AGI? And I think reason is the most important word there, right? Because we’ve seen things that can listen, right?

That can talk and see. And honestly, it’s been underwhelming, right? We have AI pins that can do all of those things. Underwhelming, but what do they do? Those AI pins are running on models developed by Open a hi. So again, this is gonna change the game.

I really do think that, and I’ll leave this post below if you wanna explore just a few more case uses and examples of GPT 4 o in action because like I said, it is magically impressive. So if you wanna check out 16 more examples that might just blow your mind, go and click that link below. And thanks, Mandy, for putting this all together for us. And in addition to Mondi’s post, we also have Nathan LAN’s post, who has catered 50,15 different game changing examples that will also blow your mind. There are a few repeats, but it is pretty impressive to see just what’s going on and how people are leveraging it already.

And at carnage said something on Twitter that truly resonated with me, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Really. He said this, I can see why there are rumors that apple has caved and licensed OpenAI’s models for Siri or a replacement, right?

This is sort of a feature that apple used to make compelling ads about and the intersection of the technology and the Liberal arts back in Jobs Day. I. And that’s true. I mean, it’s stuff like this that kind of provokes users to be curious and to want to explore and develop. And it’s a very special thing to have.

So that brings me to the next story I wanna bring you guys. So that takes us to the next story I wanna bring you guys. It’s all about apple. On the last earnings call for apple, they talked about AI. In the last event, they mentioned AI. And AI is a buzzword that apple tends to stray away from.

And yet apple has actually entered into an agreement with OpenAI to integrate GPT into its devices. That’s right. We’re looking at a brand new Siri. Why you act in brand new? Well, it’s been upgraded, so that’s exciting.

I wonder if this kind of development of AI integration into apple products on this scale is gonna be sort of the big announcement at the developer conference. I don’t know, man, it’s getting exciting. GPT also dropped the whole native Mac app and it’s kind of pretty. Some people hate it. This guy loves it.

And this is an example of that in action. It is quite incredible that OpenAI had just a hell of a weekend and Monday. Now this is freaking dope. A ChatGPT for native app. It’s been long longed for a long time.

No, this collaboration, I think it was a long time coming. When Microsoft initially reached out to them, I thought it was, you know, kind of unfortunate just because Microsoft’s known to sort of destroy things, Activision, Blizzard, but, you know, to see apple and OpenAI seems like the dream team, truly, I wouldn’t want it any other way, but that does feel a little sus. And what I mean by that is this OpenAI and apple deal might become that first like stepping stone into something much larger that looks like a monopoly. But again, the pace of change for technology and the exponential growth of consumer tech is just in the last 5 years, phenomenal. And all of the demos we’ve looked at thus far in this video for Mac OS native app, all of that stuff, right?

All of that stuff is not Windows. And we watch a lot of demos and not a mention of Microsoft, not a mention of Android, nothing.

I’m really wondering what that partnership is looking like because has apple invested in OpenAI? Did I miss a memo? I don’t know, man. Cuz the last I heard, Microsoft was the one that actually invested 10 a billion dollars in OpenAI. And that’s a significant amount of money for R&D.

And we’ve seen its fruits, right? Like this is incredible stuff. So what gives? Why is the Mac app first? What’s going on?

And finally, in somewhat unrelated newsworthy kitties bag, have you seen the movie Dumb Money? Then you know who Roaring Kitty is. He was the guy behind, you know, Wall Street beds and sort of market manipulation. And GameStop exploded and GMV was up over 70% at some point yesterday to the point where it did have to be halted.

And since then he’s been posting kind of cryptic stuff, which is funny. Roaring Kitty is added again, just posting cryptic stuff on his Twitter.

But what I think is most interesting is Dave is hopping on the bandwagon. Maybe, you know, he looked back, I get 2021,2022 and was like, I could have done that. I could have manipulated the markets. Anyway. So this is him trying to say that, you know, he was looking to buy this much of GMV and AMC.

Roaring Kitty being back is sort of like the epitome of chaos. I think this whole weekend has been just chaos. It’s a wild chaos. That’s what it is, baby. A chaos.

That’s a lot of developments that have happened in the tech space and a lot of reactions that have been shared in social media. Now the only thing we could do is truly watch, and I’ll say this much, and as well in the video, I’m feeling 99% sure that the Worldwide Develop for Conference 2024 for apple that’s taking place in June is gonna be even more wild. It’s gonna be crazy. Hopefully this doesn’t age just terribly, right? Well, the iOS 18 resemble this model, I’m pretty sure, right?

It’s gonna be GBT 4 o. That’s my suspicion. That’s my guess. And I could be absolutely wrong. And this could just age horribly. Now, out of the research I have read about apple, they shouldn’t need to use GPT for or OpenAI’s API at all. Just based on their research, it seems like they’ve been doing a lot to make LLMs smaller and to bridge that gap to actually make something actionable like an AGI. And if you wanna learn more about Apple’s research and what it says, you can check out this video.

It’s gonna be there anyway, until next time, I’m v and this has been a lot of fun. Anyway, until next time, bye.