Navigating No Contact: Factors that Impact the Timeline for Reconciliation with Your Ex

Here are things that might make it take longer for your ex to come back if you’re in no contact with them? I’m coach, pro relationship coach. Let’s get into it. So first things first, if you’re no contact and you’d like to get back together with an X, the amount of time that it can take can very much depend on your excess attachment style, the circumstances for the breakup or the relationship. And I’ve definitely made a couple videos, a little bit more on it, but there are a couple factors that may extend the amount of time that you would need to be in no contact if you’d like to reconcile with your X. So No. 1 is, if your X is in a rebound relationship, that will make it take longer for next to come back. In order for next to come back, that a rebound relationship would need to end and go through all the different stages before an X is able to miss you and wanna reconcile with you. So being in a rebound relationship can definitely extend the timeline that it can take for next to come back. So if your X is in a rebound relationship, you should expect to be in no contact for a little bit longer than if they weren’t.

The second thing that can make it take longer for next to come back is how messy the breakup got. If, for example, took you very long time to go into no contact. There was a lot of begging, maybe even some harassing, maybe rocks had blocked you and you surpassed that block and still kept reaching out to them, then it can take longer for X to come back. No, it doesn’t mean that your X is not going to come back. A lot of people have gone back with X is even after reaching out to them after having been blocked. So that’s fine. It just can take a little bit longer for your X to come back, because an X needs to be able to really finish going through all of those emotions that they felt, those negative emotions that they felt when you kept persisting with them. And an X needs to rebuild a little bit of attraction cuz of course, if, for example, you’re bypassing a block and you keep reaching out to an X, it does lower the level of attraction X is gonna have towards you. So it can take longer for an X to get over all those negative emotions and the negative ways that they view you. And for an accident, be able to miss you and wanna get back together with you. But even if you begged and you really chase your X for that second chance, you can still get back the other 3 x. It might just take a little bit longer for an X to come back pretty much. But as I mentioned in previous videos, sometimes if you beg before going into no contact, the one positive advantage from it is by the time you’re in no contact, the next really feels like you’re done with them because when you’re interested in them, your ex saw that you chase them. And if you wanna next to come back, they need to feel like you’re done with them.

And then the third thing that can make it take longer for X to come back is if your X is an avoidant, it usually tends to take longer just because it takes avoidance a lot more time to process the breakup. And avoidance are very likely to try to find a lot of distractions in order to be able to avoid the breakup and to not have to deal with the breakup, to not have to think of it. So they’re very likely to stay very busy, especially the first few months of the breakup, especially if their ex was more anxiously attached. It could take them more time to get over some of the things that might have happened in the relationship and for them to feel like enough time has gone on before they can believe that change could have been made and that the relationship can actually work out. So it would incent to come back and a little bit longer, more amounts of time. Usually, the timelines for a fearful avoidant can run between three to six months and it dismiss of avoiding can run between six months even to a year. So at the end of the day, an X can come back in even longer than a year, of course, but sometimes they can come back even shorter. Could be just be a couple of months. Try to really not pay attention to the amount of time on average it takes because at the end of the day, that amount of time can actually change depending on the specific circumstances in your relationship.

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