Rise of a Champion: The Journey to the UFC Light Heavyweight Title Fight

Oh, right. So it all comes down to this, ladies and gentlemen, as we set our eyes on the No. 1, like heavyweight contender, Dana, I often say the greatest part of this job for you is seeing a non champion who would strike us in North America. Yeah, you watch me that.

Try to wrap their mind around how big of a chance they have. And then when you get to Saturday night, you can see it on their face. They’re just thinking about what life looks like. App, if I can, how does my life change? Tonight, he has an opportunity to chase everything in regards.

To life and his fight week has been in exceptional. It was a great weight cut, very forthcoming in our fighter meet. All eyes on the No. 1,205 pound content.

While we have seen a lot of fighters expeditiously rise to mix martial Lark superstardom. But how about Alex Potato crosses over into mix martial arts from kickboxing and essentially takes the sport by strong by.

Storm. John, so fast to go from a guy be to the champion. But when you possess this level of skill, when your kickboxing is second to none and then you train with Clover and you develop wrestling defense, you know that you have a chance. But he did not only had a chance, took it all the way to the title. And tonight he looks to get another victim.

He’s seemingly a perfect mix of intensity and composure. He has horn championship medal, expedited, the total package. We’re certainly glad he’s here in the UFC.

Let’s put a set to fight Sean Strong our tail of the tape for this light heavyweight title fight. Alright, now for the particulars. Inside the octagon of Bruce Buffer.

Ladies and gentlemen, this here is a may death of the evening.

Hi. Hi. Welcome for the undisputed USC like heavyweight championship of the world. Introduce English fighting out of the blue corner presenting the challenger Sean. Both Joe. And now finishing the champion fighting out of the red corner. Visit here.

Already. Big disputed USC like heavyweight champion of the world, Howard Herb. Dino referee for this one. Ready? Right. So really often the world’s most famous arena, it is, of course, Madison Square goal. This is where the.

Thumber’s scene went. You see, this is where it happened. Lost for words, so I yelled the same thing over and over again. Pick Rose, Nama, Eunice. And you can hear me yell the rose.

Just unable to quit by that range. Okay.

How about the Roundhouse kit? Right? No surprise to see Johnny Bones Jones open to some of those long range weapons and finding some early success in this one.

That’s exactly what he does. He throws the front kick to the leg and he throws those lead kicks to the body. He’s long. He’s 64 for the weight class. And he has Learned masterfully how to fight. He’s.

Having his way with him here. Jones is in half court fostering up now.

And now the damage is about to start.

While the ground and pound has been on point tonight, good work here by Johnny Bowen.

He’s very accurate in the ground upon and is showing because he’s landing so consistent.

A lot of top pressure being applied here as he works out of side control. All right, good movement. Looks like you’re trying to isolate an arm here.

DC? Yes, isolate that. You try to get a camor, notice he’ll step over the head to try to get the camera slide. Mac up. Gotta be careful here.

Good movement defensively here on the ground by Jones. Alright, so a crew and battle on the ground and no surprise, the crowd pops in appreciation as the fighters work their way back to the. This.

Is an educated project. They appreciate high level grappling. That’s exactly what they got in that exchange. Big question, when both are prepared, these are the types of fights.

Blocking. Well, it’s one thing to half length. It’s another thing to use it. And he does it as well as anyone. Nice kick there by potato. That punch, no good. Well, just exhausting watching some of these takedown attempts. He’s unable to get it there.

And he’s attempting it over and over again. How long before he gets discouraged and accepts that it’s gonna be a stand up fight?

2minutes, uppercut is true. Lanza strike there. Tries to work it into a takedown. A nice thing there about Johnny Bones. Mike Rico, John told me before the , you haven’t seen 30% of what John Jones does in the gym and starting to show you some of those new wrinkles here tonight, all really making good use of his reach advantage as he lands the straight punch there. Beautiful head.

That uppercut is good. Oh, looking to go to the lake kick here, just out of range.

Under a minute to go in round one. Effective use of the jab there by potato.

Sorry, six had a range with that one. You nicely done, 30 seconds to go now. Right hand counted. Just out of range with that strike. 15 seconds, take down attempt. And it’s good he’s got the knee on the belly. He’ll be troubled defensively. That horn sounds means we have reached the end of round 1. Take a seat. Regression. Take a drink. Listen. Absolutely awesome. I want you to punch. All right, DC, let’s look at some of the highlights from the last round. Lot for the replay guys to choose.

Yeah, man, these guys stood on 1/4 in the middle of the OCTA on take one to give one over and over. Each guy landed in a boat, landed very well over the course of that first round.

Ready, fight. Ready?

Round 2 here. IDC is back from the concession stand this morning. Our decks round underway, and you had to like what you saw in terms the volume of efficiency.

Leadership. Oh, he did a great job of just active, really setting down on those right hands, showing that it was not only but a lot.

Over the course in everyone’s. Jones is in half fighter rabbit reverse position on the ground and gain a dominant position. Nice to do. Drops down inside the. Now Ohio will.

Give you that guillotine is very tight. This is gonna be handled by. So, oh, sorry for the ball. What a great job. The lock rolling to your back, giving up the mouth. He chose a much worse position over giving up that submission.

While the Grounded Town is their once again, strong work here by Jones. Well, his grounded pound is on full display here to the while very efficient and effective with the grounded pound strikes here, high level work by Jones. Oh, he’s got him in a crucifix now. DC, all of that body weight on his opponent.

He’s got all the weight on the upper body. His feet are free to do whatever, but the arm stuck between the legs, he is not going to start dropping hammer fist, he’s gonna start dropping elbows. This is one of the nastiest positions in all the fight.

Trying to set up a joke here. Why? Looks like that Dorse’s tight.

That dark suit is very tight. What he has to do now is slide that armor fund to the neck, knocking in the Congress maker.

You do. An unbelievable result here tonight by way of submission. And he bided his time there. He stayed patient, waited for an opening, and then when it was there, he certainly capitalized to get the tap here tonight. But let’s take a look back at the replay as he gets it done by submission tonight.

Champ, he does a great job of staying patient. He doesn’t rush or panic. You are never safe when you’re fighting this guy. You’re in a lot of trouble the entire time when you’re this good in the.

Submission. Now we go inside the Octagon to Bruce Buffer for the official decision. Ladies and gentlemen, referee heard Dean is found to stop to this contest at 1 minute 48 seconds at round No. 2. Declining the winner by top out and new understood USC right heavyweight champion of the world. Go.

Alright, so John Jones, your winner tonight by submission. And this sort of dovetails with a lot of what you were saying.