The Eurovision Song Contest Controversy: Allegations of Bias Against the UK and Calls for Political Change

The Eurovision Song Contest is fixed, absolutely fixed against the UK did you not see that tonight? How much everyone can’t stand the UK around Europe and all the money we give to these countries, like we’re helping Israel. We give numerous millions to bloody Ukraine. And who gets all the points from the public? All these countries that we help? How many points did we get at the public? 0. Yet we keep helping them all. Every other country off the public got points except us. We’ll set tell you about the UK how galliborn stupid we are thinking that they actually like us. None of them like us in you in Europe. He can’t stand us. But yeah, they want us to help him out with all their problems and send money across there. About time we stop doing it is we don’t get no help from them, do we? They want us in the gutter, obviously. And that proves it tonight.

Political vote in public voting absolutely fixed when we got zero votes, zero points in the public vote out of all the 20 odd nations. Every other nation got some sort of point edge. What’s that tell you? Nobody likes us. So it’s about time we stopped helping them all out and keeping our noses out there. Big business, and maybe start looking after ourselves, don’t you think?