Exciting Mushroom Foraging Adventures with Charlie: Finding Morel and Wild Mushrooms

Well, this is exciting. I was out with my friends looking for morel mushrooms, and we found a bunch. But we saved a few so we could pick them live here. Walking around the property, we found some wild mushrooms. Yes, Charlie, we found some mushrooms. And where are they again? This is exciting. Don’t step on them here. You get you. They’re very camouflaged. So, oh, there we go. Right there. Look at that. There’s one right there. A Merrell mushroom. Look at that is not great. Look at that right there. These are delicious, by the way. This is exciting what I found, Charlie. This is exciting.

Now we have quite a nice little. You gotta look close. It’s easy to not see them. You can, they are camouflaged. Where are the morel mushroom? There? There’s one right there. Small one. See that? See, Charlie?

Hey, Charlie, come here. Some. Come here. Come, Charlie, come. Come here. Come on. Yeah, come here. Come. Stay here with me. Don’t go running over there. Yeah, you smell something, don’t you? Come here. Come. Good girl. Stay here with us. There’s one here. Count one. Nice. You’re right. I don’t know. There’s one little guy still, though. Here’s a bunch. Nice. Look at that. Come here, come, come here. Come. Stay out of there. Come on. Come here. Stay out of there. Something in the woods. Charlie is chasing it.

Come here. Come out of there. Come with me. Come here. No, here’s a Jackpot here of Morales, though. Where was it? I was spotted a bunch of them. And then Charlie. Oh, there they are right there. Look at this. Yes, a nice one there. That nice one there. This one there.

That’s great.

Gotta keep a keen eye. Oh, where is going? Nice big one. Charlie, just stay here with me, okay? None of that. Stop it. You know you’re not going over there. Stop it. Nice. Big one. Big guy. Look at that. Nice. It’s really easy to miss them. You can be right on top of them and just not see them. They blend right in. Camouflage. You can’t see me because I’m camouflaged. This one, see? Oh, big one. Bigger than it. See? Hidden in the grass. See? No?

Pretty good Jackpot. Charlie, come here. Let’s get some asparagus.

Alright, good enough for dinner tonight. These are some big ones, Mrs. Paragus. Just get a few. That’s all I need tonight. Awesome, right? Yeah, maybe a couple more. Hum hum. Nice. Well, that is pretty special. How nice is that? Wow.

那 you ran yeah 性压死掉了军心 yeah yeah oh yeah so i。

Good girls. Yeah, you guys are having a nice night. Okay. The mushrooms look at you. Yeah. Oh, oh, yeah. Oh, girls.