Challenging the Status Quo: Embracing Personal Discernment in a World of External Influence

I haven’t been on in a long time. I guess I’ve been busy working. Had some dates. Went to a house party last night and had a little tea with a friend today who was sharing with me how a mutual friend of ours was saying that I was such a terrible person because I posted things about Zionists and Jews as colonizers. And it hurt him for life. And he could never forgive me that I could post such a thing. Crazy thing is that I ran into the friend at the party last night and they didn’t mention any of this to me and they hugged me and kissed me and we talked and you know how people can be. But I wanna say this to everyone. I get my morality from inside of me. I don’t get it from anybody outside of me. Just like I don’t choose my work based on whether an audience is applauding or laughing or thinking it’s good, I think it’s my job to lead the world. I’m not led externally, so I don’t need anybody outside of me to tell me what’s right, what’s good, or anything at all.

I’ve been to Palestine. I’ve been to Gaza, I’ve been to the West Bank. I’ve been to Jerusalem in better times, in 95, when it was the first time in history that you could have both a Jordanian and an Israeli stamp on your passport. Before that, you couldn’t even do that. So I’ve been there and it’s apartheid.

My point for today was really that people always are contacting me and telling me, you know, you’re posting things, you’re spreading disinformation, you’re telling things that are lies, you’re sharing things that aren’t true, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

What I’ve decided for myself is that I am all day for many hours a day doing free cloud labor for Google, Facebook, pesos, Musk, all those platform owning billionaires. Every time we get on their website, the value of their companies goes up. And we are not paid for our labor because we are enjoying using the platform. And so that’s free labor for them, free cloud labor.

Okay. And because of that free cloud labor, they have the power to tell us any story, to influence us, to propagandize us. So what I decided for myself that to counterbalance the free labor that I do for the elites to oppress the world, is I’m gonna do free PR for anybody with agreements. I don’t have to agree with you. I don’t care. I pass by something and somebody is complaining they got agreement. I’m sharing it. I’m not checking the facts. People like.

But you’re spreading disinformation. Mainstream media spreads disinformation, too. So let the disinformation rise. And then we have to learn discernment, personal discernment. We have to seek inside of ourself to know what is truth, what is right, what is moral. It doesn’t come from outside. And there is nobody who’s going to tell me how to live my life, who to support, who not to.

So if you’re on my website, don’t think it’s a re, it’s not a reflection of my beliefs other than my belief that if the elites have the power to control the storytelling, I wanna support anybody else to tell any story they wanna tell. I don’t care what their story is. I don’t need to agree with their story. I will support you sharing. I will support you sharing a story where you wanna call me a name I might not like. I support you. I truly do support free speech. As we can see in America, we don’t have it anymore. Okay, there’s some things I would like to say. I’m gonna leave for that cuz it’s been a long time.