Russia’s Modern Nuclear Deterrent and Victory Day Celebrations: A Glimpse into Military Power and Historical Significance

And part of Russia’s very modern nuclear deterrent. And remember, Russia probably has the biggest arsenal of nuclear weapons on earth and it probably has the most modern one, including the Sarmat missile, a recent development, which can be deployed from this vast mass underwater naval fleet as well. And again, the S400, one of the best, if not the best defense system on earth. On rival, really, we hear a lot about Patriots and Irish tees in Ukraine, but the S400 and now the S500, which is in development, the triumph system is without doubt one of the best, if not the best anti aircraft system on earth.

Despite the unseasonably cold weather, the clouds cleared for a brief moment allow Russia’s top flyers to paint. The sky is white, blue and red forming a Russian flag. RT corresponding from an airbase in the Moscow region.

Here on an airfield just outside Moscow, two Russian aerobatic steams, the Swifts and the Russian Knights, are done with the final preparations. Pilots are in the cockpits, about to take off for the Red Square.

Well, they are truly sister team. They both are among the best in the world. They both Mark them the 33rd anniversary this year. Today make 29 and Su 30SM fighter jets. Well, and off they go. It’s been a couple of years since fighter jets took part in the victory. Hey, despite. Well, might unprecedented by the conditions they do and the way they paint the sky is above the Red Square. Well, it’s the rarest of sight to be hold.

What’s that noise, Cyril?

That’s the aircraft that are flying just over us. We have the red Russian flag that is coming right on top of us.

Well, this, you know, this is when the good stuff comes, really. I mean, you know, you and me love this when the big helicopters come over, the fast, you know, fighter jets come over. You see the big illusions as well, the big transport craft. And when you, when they come over, I see, can’t even hear yourself thing, but their technology is awesome. Some of these tuple offs, the blacks, the Swan, retrofitted, upgraded now. DOC, can you hear that noise? Oh, amazing. What are your emotions today on this victory day?

Well, you cannot express the victory day without expressing the fact that with the USSR, the freedom would not be here. The implication of the USSR has a load during the east fronts to crush the German armies. And because the crush the German armies, the Allied were able to get into Europe and to open the west fronts. Without the east front, that would not have been possible.

And the big problem is, to me, this fact is undertold in the west. I remember when I was in school, just in school, studying Second World War, I was always told that, yeah, the Anglo Americans and Canadians, they came and liberated us. But once we have reached such a level of brainwashing, when we have reached such a level of willing to rewrite the history. We understand in which world we’re leaving.

Special military operation is ongoing. The western political and media landscape, they keep talking about this unprovoked all of a sudden Russian invasion. And yet Yen Stoltenberg, the NATO chief, said 48 hours ago, hey, this all started in 2014, guys. 2014.

They really wanted it. They started to train them since 2014. The coup at Maidan was organized by the CIA. Fact is, it’s not a military, it’s not a native military success in Ukraine. It’s a total failure for everything. Every kind of new golden bullet on new silver bullet that they try to break to bring in, whether it’s the leopard, whether it’s the Abrams, whether it’s. Absolutely everything is a failure and now they have a big problem. When you speak a yourself about Ukraine and when we speak about Victory Day, is that the west never understood one very important things is that Russia is feeling that she is attacked. And if the country is attacked, then the whole country will be behind the president. This is Russian Seoul. This is the way it works. And the west never understood this. Now they have started something that they don’t know how to stop.