Life Updates: A Week at Home with Randy and Wendy

Halo guys. Wendy has been home for but a week now. Yes, we got back from the award ceremony, which was amazing. She liked the award. Then it was really nice. So I’ll get away. They clap clock louder for Randy, then they clap for me. There’s a video, if you look up the MCA award ceremony. If you look that up on YouTube, you can actually still watch the video. And when I went up there, they all cheered. But then I went over and got Randy and Randy walked up there with me and they cheered louder. Of course, cuz there’s a room full of Marines. So anyways, that was lovely. And then we came back that Sunday, this past Sunday, and Randy’s been driving the kids to school or driving one of our kids to school. So that’s been going well. It’s been gone, going off and exploring the world and just, I guess, really relaxing and doing whatever you want for the first time.

It’s a one week of leave. So I’ve been on leave Monday through Friday.

So it’s just kind of mozy and around.

And I guess us should start at paging therapy one day next week.

So we don’t really exactly know where he’s gonna have therapy or how often the case managers working on all of that, but hopefully we’ll know all that soon and we’ll kind of get an idea of what to do, where to go. You wanna show me your supinator? Sure. So while he’s laying here, this is supinating him. So turning that hand.

Out, it’s a sag stretch. So just not moving. Doesn’t.

Move. You just tighten.

It. And my hands in this.

Oh, also stretching the right hand out.

So that’s therapy. Never stuff.

That’s right. Always working to get better. Let’s see. In the world of like updates, you haven’t been in your wheelchair and how long.

But through weeks.

Tickets maybe been longer cuz you’ve been here almost, you’ve been here a week. So almost a month, I’d say if I’d guess about a month maybe since he sat in a wheelchair at all. And then lately, instead of the walker, the walker is difficult for him to fold and put up into his truck. So.

We bought a cane.

He bought a cane and he just uses that to get to the car and then like used it to get into target.

Yeah, most of the time I found myself just carrying it, but it is there just in case.

But like when we go to target, you just push the cart and that kind.

Of access the wall. I’ve been to target now twice.

You can tell that I kind of drag him out. Shot right.

Down the right from my house.

But yeah, so that’s been going on. I’ve s it was nurses week, so I’ve been working a lot just to make sure all my nurses got treats and food and things to celebrate. Finally today, wait and got my hair down. I’m back to being blonde. Randy requested I go back to blonde. So I’m a blonde again. And I’ve been raise. I started aligners before the accident, but then the accident happened, so I restarted them. And Randy also used aligner speech.

I was in small direct in a I fell and that whole process was why I said so.

Oh yes, yeah. Recently he called Smile Direct like a day or two before his accident because he had already been going through them to see if he could get his aligners, and then they actually shut down that business while he was in the coma. So that was bad luck. So anyways, we’re going through bite. We’ll see how it goes. But yeah, that’s just kind of us kind of daily, boring daily updates, like, yeah, normalcy, a little normalcy, which is what we’ve been waiting for really. Yeah, I’m sure just normal. So we hope you guys are doing well. We’ll try to update as often as we can think of things to say. Alright, bye bye.