Taylor’s Tough Battle: A Game of Ups and Downs

So sadly, Taylor’s team is no longer in bull contention, but this season is far from over for him. Let’s be honest here. If Taylor is a legit D1 quarterback, he’s probably not gonna wanna stay at Kent State for his whole career. So he needs to show that he’s legit enough to play for a Power 5 team. And this game has not gotten off to a good start. Miami, Ohio is a pretty solid team. Taylor looking good so far, though. It would be awesome if we could see like at 3,300+ yard game here as Taylor has absolutely no fear on these throws. And after a failed draw call, coach is going for a 4th and 7. Absolutely huge play early in this game. A Taylor does a great job of leading this receiver up field to get that only in completion for our boy so far was a drive and he has a man wide open over the middle there. His first touchdown pass on the day. This can’t state offense isn’t looking too bad today. Alright, so we’ll see if we can keep that mojo going. Taylor literally gets sacked immediately there as sacks have definitely been the biggest problem for Taylor so far. I would say he’s gotta develop a stronger awareness of when to get out of the pocket. Emily has been doing a little bit of running. Remember, he is definitely a pocket passer. I’m pretty sure he has like 60 some speed, which is something I’m hoping he can build up a little bit more as his career goes on. He can. He used to complete almost all of his passes here, 10 for 11.

Stars of the game. Dude is not made a single battery. And anytime there’s man coverage, he slices it up. It’ll be in a great spot if he can get a touchdown here. And these reps to the outside have been cooking. Miami is a very zone heavy defense, and Taylor has done a great job of finding the weaknesses here with another big game. He’s definitely on pace for that 300 yard day. Well, finally, there was an incompletion after like 10 straight, which is gonna try out a little read option here and Taylor has nothing but green grass ahead of him. A little late hit there in the end zone. Okay. I love how players will just smack you in the end zone in this game. It’s so fun. That’s the kind of charm we sadly probably won’t see in college football.

25 as. I don’t know how Taylor got out of the pocket there, but he’s gonna pick up the first down. Like I said, dude is by no means fast, but he can find his way into some Russian yarn. He just takes the easy dump off. There they have. Any more passes short of the stick? The, a nice little 4 verts here. We can cook with that all day. That a route on four verts against the CPU is just golden. Feeling pretty good about Taylor’s ability to score with 30 seconds left on the cloud. We’re gonna try to throw that guy open and we’ll have to take time out. Taylor’s now on pace for a 400 yard day. And that is just easy money.

Do not run mancoverage against this man. This is kind of been an offensive shoot at and we, because of a missed extra point, Miami of Ohio is able to take the lead. Taylor is gonna take a shot deep here and man, the Titan has been a really good target in this game. Dude has 83 yards on the bed. This has been exactly the type of game Taylor wanted to have. But he gets greedy here and makes a terrible pitch. Miami of Ohio picks it up, and that’ll totally change the tide of this game.

Now, Kent States gonna be fighting from behind. Coach is going with a run play on an absolutely critical third down and we get stuff. Fourth and 1. I don’t know why you take the ball out of your quarterbacks hands on that play. And now the Golden Flashes are gonna need a 4th quarter comeback. That was a very risky throw. Got a little cubic wrap action here. Interesting. Which keeps trying to make this happen. And I’m not so sure how I feel about the quick slants on 3rd and 13. Absolutely no protect section in the pocket anyway, and time is taking down.

This offense has got to start moving fast. Taylor’s gonna try to take a shot here, man. This man keeps making risky throws work, and we’re gonna go ahead and start running. The 2 minute drill should be open here. Once again, a risky throw. Once again, it works out. And I don’t know why coach is running it.

This is gonna take way too much time off the cloud. We’re going triple option again. This time the pitch gets out and dude almost picks up the first. And Taylor cannot take too many plays to do this. He’s gotta get his team in the end zone quick and has. Why? And excellent throw on the run to get down to the 1. I’m just going full on hurry up here. Gonna run the same play and that out route should be open. Very nice play by the DB, though. All good. That’ll stop the clock and Taylor should be able to get his set. I can’t rush and touch down of the day here untouched until they get that way.

Hit in the end zone essentially. Huge two point conversion on this play. Once again, Taylor is gonna keep it, but this time he can’t get around his blockers. Then, alright, need defense to get a stop here. They do instantly. And not only did they get a stop, they got a turnover. We’re on the goal on and that slant is wide open, but Fisher drops that. You gotta be kidding me. Alright, we got two downs to pick this.

Taylor failed at this last game. He’s getting another shot today. And that was almost a pick. Okay, so here we go. Fourth and fourth here is gonna try for the corner route and it is wide open. Bang. Might be the game when he touched down there. Definitely that clutches throughout Taylor’s career. And this is another big two point conversion. It was gonna throw to the slant again. This time it’s a catch. And we’ll just see what happens here. Looks like the Red Hawks are gonna get into the end zone now.

Taylor has 45 seconds to make something happen. Not sure if the swing passes the right option here, but we’re gonna try to make it work. Get out of bounds, right. Not a terrible start. Unfortunately, a field goal won’t cut it here and we’re gonna have to make longer throws than that. I’m excited for when I can audible because this play, Kong, hasn’t always been to Taylor strengths and he just had an X wide open there. Gonna wait and try to get out of the pocket and just takes a terrible sad to be more patient and absolutely need to throw the ball away there. Taylor’s gonna take a deep shot here and that is not his specialty, but almost got caught. All right, this is it, man.

Third and 12, that’s man coverage. Taylor’s gonna take the quick slant. Fissure. You’ve got to catch that dude. Alright, so here we go. Fourth and 12. Can Taylor clutch up again? He’s going to get out of the pocket and cannot out around a guy. The Red Hawk set up the perfect zone and sadly, the Golden Flashes take the loss. Taylor bawled out, but his defense just couldn’t give him enough.