Unbraided: The Story of Mr. White and the Impact of Online Misinterpretations

Oh, we. Okay, I’m trying. How much else is calmly became USA? Okay, let’s get into it.

This is Mr White, the teacher who the students were unbraiding his hair, and he’s apparently lost his job. He’s been fired. Yeah, I’m pretty upset about it because we always talk about what those were secure about keys. We need good teachers in the school system. Well, now we have one here. And because the students were unbraiding his hair and I’m. Yeah, let’s get into that. So people on the internet got met. Now, here’s my thing. Now, when I first started video, I see it who I said, you can’t put every thing on. And I wish I would stop doing that because I know how people on internet are. You know, y’all, a lot of y’all. Yeah, yeah, unhealed. You traumatize, you just say , you think things, you, the voice of the playing your head. They come out to play and then you start thinking and saying a whole bunch of stupid . And that’s just what happened. So this man, I lost his job and we need teachers like him in the school system.

This video is a steal from his TikTok that he may, that he made reading the statements from his students. And when I say there are some unhealed people on TikTok alone, that comment section, baby, y’all are Samia Honey Hill. And I’m saying this to women as well as mean my people, cuz then the people who, cuz those are the people that give him, that’s giving him grief. But his own people, black people, ladies and gentlemen, put the blunt away and put the synthetic sound. That’s not therapeutic. Yani, a therapist to heal.

Now y’all got this man comment section saying he’s acting cuz he’s crying, saying he’s acting. Some people, some bra say he need to have a Academy Award. Some she said we need to give him award, whatever. Some dude ask him. So would you let a grow you would you let your door is playing a grown man there, but playing there if he explained the thing and maybe I would cut up. I would cut the cuz I have seen get on this internet here that don’t take care. They own kids, you know, keep up with your kids. But guys, so much to say. Y’all be keeping them over the drink. And Kendra, my beef is with your key is mom. You’re right. If you would listen, he explains that some of the keys, you know, he encourages to be whatever is they want to be. Some of the girls want to be cosmetos, you know, do hair, whatever. He had one girl in his class that wants to be a nail tech. So he, she let, he let her paint his nail. Now, here’s the thing with Vasa Yaron. Listen, you have me in the conversation. You get his nails painted. You get it. What kind of you bullshes, blah, blah. The young lady even paint his nails. She paid. She put a clear coat on it cuz she was saying his rough, his hands were looking rough. So she wanted to, you know, fix his hands up. She put a clear coat of palace.

Once again, Mister y, you can’t put everything on the internet. You can’t. Because there are some people who are a whole lot less than smart, especially here in TikTok land. And they take things and go above, beyond, you know, and they don’t listen. Let me tell what I see on a daily basis. Comprehension is at an all time low. You, these people, they need a teacher in their life. They need a Mr White in their life to help them with their life skills cuz they’re failing bacteria. But anyway, so I would have, like I said, I would cut up, they gotta cut out eat. But he’s done up for your children and what you’re doing. So like I said, some y’all don’t know how to be parents. Y’all get ahead. Y’all irresponsibly. Heck, it goes to teach you to do your job. Cuz y’all would everybody do the job but child. Y’all are the teachers to raise your kids. You are the TV to raise your kids. Will the entertainments arrange your kids? Anybody with you? He is a man that cares about your kids. And you’re right, getting five question to the BRDs that were cheering and say he needs to be fired because this is grooming and this is then this is how it starts, blah, blah. Now he’s fired. Is that gonna fix the traumas in your life? Cuz you still carrying around trauma from whatever happening, from whoever touched you or whatever happened. You’re carrying around a trauma and placing on to him and these kids, which is not right. Seek help. Put the blunts away. Cindy, calm. Go heel. Ban a therapist and heel. Cuz it’s not right. That’s not right. Yeah, but what y’all have a bad habit of doing that. Like Kevin Sam is that yap to your part, who he did fix your life, did fix your trials. Did it make anything he said less hurtful? Right. So another good teacher’s gone and I’m really hoping that the school board will see that video and hear them kids.

But now here’s what I love, though. The kids are going to talk to whoever they need to talk to because they want this man back in his life. Now there is a one part, you know, he has all his students that are sending him messages, students from the past. One child said they, when they were in the 8th grade and he helped them get through Covid. Cuz I remember Covid was a hard time for adults, but it was really hard time for students because they couldn’t go to school. You know, school is a lot of these kids safe haven? Cuz their home life is hell. Some of your parents put your kids to here so they won’t get away from y’all. They’re happy to be able to miss the white cuz that’s what they need in their life, somebody that truly cares, somebody listens, somebody gets it. And that’s how the kids describe him. He’s somebody that cares. He’s somebody listens. And that’s why they love him. So. But some you unhear can’t hear or see that cuz your trauma is blinding you. And you are here and you’re thinking that Mister White is like Mister Whoever Tashu, just like yadda will be. I can say that or keep a move and keep moving. Yeah, I will believe some young in the hill get to somebody. Yeah, yeah, the traumas that are bothering you. And yeah, get some help. Get some help. Give some help. Yeah, cuz this is a teacher, a good teacher gone. He’s not one, he’s teacher who’s just doing it for a check. He is doing it out of sincerity of his heart.

Mister White, I just wanna say I wish you the best. I hope that the school board recants their decision and you get it back to doing what it is you does do because the school system needs you. Whatever school system you’re in, they need you. These keys need you a whole lot of keys need to miss white. Some of these adults need to miss white or whatever. These keys need you. So I really hope and I pray you will get your job back or get a job in a teaching field. Peace.