Fashion Fun: Swimsuit Shopping Adventures with Two Yellows and a Brown

Yeah, I get the two yellows in the brown. Try on. Have you whispering because we’re in it. Oh, are you gonna do bottom? Yeah, yes. But what do you think about the top? I think it looks cute and I like it. Okay, let me put on the bottom. Hold on. This was the only top if this swimsuit and it didn’t have matching bodies. I’m gonna have to go to a different target file and matching items. I think that looks good. And you like this top and you think this is cute by the way. I picked all these out. Apparently you got a thing for me. And yellow. Oh, I like that color on you. She’s not very flexible. Yeah, but you’re trying to cut, right? You know, should I try bigger size? Now, who’s your cutting? Unless you plan a bulk up by then, I wouldn’t because when they get wet, they’re gonna get baggier and then they’re just gonna piss you off.

May I do my face? How I come? Hello. Good on the booting. Like I like last color. Do you tighten it? And yeah, I like the yellow. The yellow looks good. I don’t know. I feel really fancy right now. Me too. Alright, are you only at one yellow? Well, I’ll try on the other ones. What I think it out. I like that top better when I’m both. Was I doing much? I don’t really need to yellow swimsuit tops unless you like them a lot. But let me try on the other ones first. That was cute. I like the two flower ones. You do? Put that thing away. That’s why need me.

Why are all clothes not just stretchy? They definitely should be, especially for swimsuits. I feel like that’s like a must. I do like this. I want this. If some of our dare gain weight, they’ll never fit. You’re not trying to be all skinny all the time. How do you like them? I didn’t think I would, but I really do my.

Well, some people have. Get over the bug problem, get over the quality and bug problem. Oh, those are really stretchy. Oh, yeah, I need to get these on pure comfort alone. And when you’re really, can those look really good? Why can they all feel like this? Those are nice. Especially not when I get the other ones. I don’t know about this one. No, I like the color, but I don’t like what’s going on next. I like that yellow. I think that yellow is the same color as the first top I tried on. So we’d be matching. Actually, it’s tight, but it’s like stretching. I’m like.

Cuántos bailes hay? Expectativas, Chayanne I bye está bueno. OK. Cute. Are you doing? You like this? I like it. You don’t have anything with strikes like that. It fits the neck. That’s a rarity for you. It’s the thick old neck. Thick everywhere except my name. Biceps. I like that one. I might have to wear this to the Netflix thing. I was gonna say, I could see you putting on some dress pants with that. If you are wearing that to the Netflix thing, then I’m gonna have to get a dress to Matt after it. Yeah, cool. Online is gonna get along.

I would didn’t expect to get all these the what are they trying to do with this? I wanted them to have more brown options. This is the best one, the only good one. And now they’re doing something weird with the top, but I guess it doesn’t look bad. I mean, I’ve never had assumed see that does this. So it feels like it’s not wrong. Let’s see the other side. Alright, yeah, I guess I do like it. Yeah, but it has to be a love. What does that mean? You have to love it. You have to look at me and be like, right. That’s how you have to feel when you see any sources. I think I do like this and I already did that. I like the color mainly and it looks good. Yeah, it’s gonna be a funky camera. Which am I getting? A yellow one too? Get, yeah, get the two yellows in the brown.