Title: A Call for Justice: Navigating Dystopia, Celebrity Influence, and Activism in the Face of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Can we take a moment to talk about the dystopia? I know many of you online are seeing. On one side, you’re seeing this glamorous world of megalas and dumb wrap beef, and that’s what a lot of people are talking about. And then on the other side, you see thousands and thousands, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people protesting around the world in light of all the heartbreaking, disgusting, vile things that we are seeing coming out of Palestine, it’s so weird that we’re living in this world where these two things are so normal and they live in the same time.

I was invited to attend some things within the met. I was invited also to attend some things within. Can I have been planning for over a year. I finally made my schedule free to go, but I told my team, I was like, I don’t wanna be sitting with celebrities. I don’t wanna be rubbing shoulders with celebrities. And not no disrespect to celebrities, so many of them are amazing, but I’m so sick and tired of them. So many of them really just feel like they are just puppets. They have no soul, no thoughts. And I know that for a fact. For some of them, they actually don’t have any opinions. So why am I worshipping these people? Why is, why are people worshipping celebrities when they really don’t deserve any of that? And it’s crazy. Like, you know, the people who deserve attention are the students who are fearless, the faculty who are protecting them. The people out there from so many different religions out there, so many people who don’t necessarily believe in anything but humanity. And they are coming together to bring awareness. And I think the celebrities are just, I think they’re delusional. That’s what I see a lot of like Dululu celebrities out there who don’t actually even maybe wanna admit it that they are genocide supporters, they still don’t even wanna admit that it’s a genocide happening, but it is. And we see it. You can’t hide from it. And whether you realize it or not, you are supporting it.

I’m gonna tell you guys right now. I had a celebrity friend who I was friends with for 10 years. And when everything broke out, she started talking about Israel. And I was like, oh, wow, you’re supporting Israel. Okay, you should be careful what you’re talking about. You wanna make sure that you have all the right information before, you know, come, you come out with everything. You wanna make sure you have the full picture.

And later on when it came out, like a lot of the things that, you know, she was maybe supporting was not true, the beheaded babies were not true. There was no evidence behind any beheaded babies.

I said, well, now are you going to speak up about Palestine? Do you see how many Palestinians are being killed? She said, well, you know what? Social media is not really the place. There’s nothing rewarded. There’s no good that can come from social media. How convenient, how privileged you are to be able to choose when you want to support a certain side. And that’s why I respect these students so much, man. These students are changing the world. And the celebrities that are out there celebrating themselves and met. We’re taking our attention away from agenda side because of this. Like what? Like, what are we doing? I was like, I could have lived without this. I could have lived without seeing any of this. All I really care about is my attention on what’s going on in Gaza and I wanna talk about what’s going on in Gaza. I wanna talk about it cuz let’s be honest, there’s a few things that we’re not talking about right now. Everybody’s kind of like become a little, they’ve become a little numb to the situation. They’ve moved. John, why you’ve taken the chance to move on. Israel has moved everyone to one single small part called Rufa in Gaza. They’ve moved 600,000 children to the small area in Gaza and now they are carpet bombing it. There are mothers out there who are trying to protect their children who are in so much fear. There are children who are terrified for their lives. There are men who are just trying to keep their families together. They’re elderly who have lived through so much and are still experiencing the worst human circumstances and conditions due to the apartheid system that exist within Palestine. And now they’re just afraid they’re going to die. Many of them actually want to die because it would be better for them, that’s what they think, than going on living in the horrible conditions that they’re living in.

And right now, it’s super important that we remember our voices count. They will make a change when the South African apartheid need to be pulled apart. Guess who did that? The people did that protest in universities. The same process you see today happened decades ago to strip and remove the South African apartheid, and it’s happening today. And I think we all know the Israeli apartheid will be removed, will be dissolved. It’s just a matter of time. I mean, history does, unfortunately, and sometimes fortunately in this case, repeat itself. I know. I see. A free Palestine. I see it. I can visualize it and I see it so perfectly clearly, and I hope you do too. But there’s still some work that needs to be done. And your voice matters so much. Please do not get tired. Please, the children, you don’t know who, what you might be giving hope. The children in Palestine are seeing people in Colombia, in Harvard, in Yale, you see LA, they’re seeing all of these protests. And you’re giving them hope and they’re starting to feel like, no, I matter. I’m seeing, I’m hurt. Have you ever felt like you weren’t hurt or seen before? That feeling is horrible, right? Can you imagine how it feels to be a Palestinian child? So please use your voice, use it in the right way. Use it to give people who don’t have a voice, use it to give them hope. Use it to spread information that you know needs to be seen. Information that has been trying to be oppressed and suppressed because, quite frankly, the government of the United States, the government of the UK, the government of Israel, they will go to any extreme to keep everyone quiet.

I remember a long time ago when I said to everyone, I said, you know, I’m willing to risk my business. It’s not because I’m this person who’s like, you know, who deserves any type of credit or I am special or anything. I said it because I think we all need to realize that at some point, we need to start risking what we love and what we have for the sake of others.

Like all everybody really wants is freedom, health, a place of belonging, a place to feel safe. And I feel like Palestinians who are asking for that. It’s really like a basic necessity that everyone just deserves and they’re being deprived of that. And now everybody is being silenced for that. Like they’re gonna ta, they’re gonna ban TikTok now. Really? You’re gonna ban that because you don’t want people talking about the truth cuz you wanna suppress the truth, you wanna control everyone.

And we’ve come so far. We’ve raised so much awareness and there is a change happening. But it’s not over. You have to go about your lives. But keep posting. Don’t stop posting. Do not stop posting. And try. I know it’s hard. I know it’s really emotionally hard. It’s hard in our hearts to keep trying to see content, to keep looking for content in Palestine, but you have to because you don’t know who on the other side needs that. They need your support. You can’t train your back on them. Do what you can to which you can. Keep posting, keep learning. Don’t stop.