Battle of the Busters: A Bowling Showdown

So I’m about to go bowling with you all after a long time coming and a lot of in the insults like sneak disses being thrown at me online. It’s happening, but odds are gonna lose because I’ve embolden forever and I was trash when we played. Now you’ve always not good. I’m just worse. So we’ll see. We will see. Be honest. I got a real question is, well, either of us crack a 100? Yuval is late. So I’m having the opportunity to practice, which is like a good thing because Jesus Christ, it’s looking bad.

Okay, I had a breakthrough. I remember how to not as bad. I might have a chance. Yo, hey, I should give him a warm up brown. We should have a warm up brown, a warm up round. To be fair. Good news is we’re both absolutely garbage. Don’t they say a man is either good in bowling or good in bed? So look out, ladies. Oh, I’m not gonna lie. I think YouTube Academy worked. I think I got this in the bag. I think I got this in the bag. I spoke too soon. End of Game 1, right? All right. How are you feeling? The rough one. A rough one. I’m feeling warmed up. Okay. Okay. Game 2 is looking rough for me. I tried to two hand bold. See how that felt. It didn’t go well. Yeah, I’m not winning game too. Still rough. But if you ball doesn’t get a spare here, then I’m back in the game where the both scores are bad. I just wanna say it’s a real battle of the busters, but I’m way behind. Oh, he’s gonna, yeah, speak.

I got another spare. I’m backend official. This score was way worse this game. But you know, coming back, you’ve all could only beat me with a strike here. Actually, he could probably beat me with a spare. I’m not actually sure how bowling rules work. if I know. if I know. Game 2, I need you to know you ball all. I get our comment saying go bowling with you ball. Oh, I heard at bowling. I do. But so does he. Can I get a 3P on you ball? Maybe not. So this thing you all can’t make a scratch. Shouldn’t talk cuz he’ll make us fair. Right now. I mean, if I talk . He actually did get a spare, but then I came back with another spin. I think I got the 3 p. I think I have the 3 p. Everything. This is your king, Christian vine. Christian. Avine is a . Christian Vine is this and that. Are you recording everyone in my guidance? No, I haven’t actually. I was just recording my own face. Am I recording right now? Oh, shoe drip. Buttercups. God.

Now that’s back to back spares. That’s back to back spares. I’m feeling very confident. This is for, it’s for everybody who believes in me. This is for my mom, my grandma, for my, well, was exactly was to spare them. Is this fair, though? I swear to God, I’m not trying to embarrass you all. I’m trying to get a good clip of him. Oh, wait. Oh, wait. Nice. We’re back. For every Pokemon I ever named Sparky, it was a lot of me.

So me recording you all, it was actually bad luck. He just got a strike. That’s right. He just got a strike. I just wanna show everybody. I just can’t record it. And another strike, actually, double strike, .

Hi. Hi. I swear to God. I swear to God. That’s where the it got. Double strikes are still crazy. That will start. Still crazy. What does that bring you up to 91? Jesus Christ. That was a hell of a comeback. The game. So respect. I wish I could say the same. No. Okay there, God.