Culinary Delights in East Providence: A Review of Honeybird Chicken

Welcome back to another episode of Trying so you don’t have to. Today we’re in East Providence, Rhode Island at Honeybird Chicken. Just got back in the car, baby. Let’s pop this up. One take. You know the deal. See, we’re working with here we got, oh, my Lord, dude. We got Nashville hot chicken bow buns. They look unbelievable. We got a spicy chicken sandwich. Look at that. Look at the color on that thing, dude. And we also have the sweet potato tater toss, baby, cuz I have the potato condestor Mia here with me today. But go little. Those are, dude, I’ll grab one. You grab one. Here you go. So you were going there. Cheers. Oh, soft. You can see all the condensation on the actual box. I would love to see like a ventilation system of some sort that way that doesn’t happen and you keep these nice and crispy, crunchy. Cuz right now, I mean, they’re just, they’re softer than a cooked sweet potato. Dude, meet up. You don’t look like you’re liking those very much, girl. What do you think about those? 4.7 out of 10. And I’m gonna have to agree with you. They’re just too soft. There’s too soft for me personally. Mia, you wanna grab one of these? You want this one? Sure. It’s crazy. She’s never had bow bun before. If you don’t know what bow is, it’s basically the most softest, supple little bread in the entire world. And this is natural hot chicken. So if it’s too hot for you, you could just go in on those sweet potato. Yeah, do it. You gotta try the bow, too.

You draw that button. That bun is soft. It is suppo. That’s softer than a pillow. Doom. And the chicken does have a little bit of heat to it. It’s not like overly hot. I love the little pickle action in there. You’re getting the branch of app. A little bit of lettuce. Not too mad about that. One more, right? And I’ll give her a rating.

I’m just gonna finish this. And Mia, when you’re done with that pipe, let me know what you think about the bow button, the chicken, everything. Overall, that guy, I gotta go 8.8 out of 10. It’s really good. Neil, what are you thinking about that point eight point three. 8 point three. And then the bread, 5,4,7, you don’t like the bread very much, not enough flavor for you. I feel that pop up in this bun. See it working with here? This chicken sandwich looks phenomenal. Dude, it just dripped sauce out the back end. That’s quite the precarious spot just to plop the sauce down. That’s okay, though. Here we go, baby.

Winner. Winter wear chicken dinner, baby. Oh, my arm. Let’s get some of the sauce going here. That’s a spicy chicken sandwich, Mia, that’s definitely gonna be way too hot for you. Sorry about that. There’s Martin potato roll is a man is a mackelet dude. And these are Martin’s potato roll. I could be wrong. It’s definitely a potato roll of some sort. We’ll see what that sauce is working with here, bro. The chicken is juicy. The outside of that has a nice little crunch to it, too. And the heat on that spicy sauce is perfect. Dude, they don’t try to masquerade it like it’s a buffalo sauce. They just said spicy. Oh, my Lord. This is one of the better chicken sandwiches I’ve had in a long time.

Last bite. We’ll give it a rating. Yeah, I’m gonna have to change my entire outfit after this dude, cuz I’m soaking wet. It’s hot here. But this guy right here, it’s doing the job for me. This guy, I gotta go. 9.1. I know. Out of ten.