Order for Ellen: A Colorful Collection from Across the Globe

Let’s pack an order. This one’s for Ellen and it’s going all the way to Canada. She got four of our best. Dad Focal 25 pack of unicorn horn bumpers, storm turquoise. Oh, that one’s being a little shy. Peony pastel blue, navy, a lilac and black and now rhinestones, 25 counts of Tangerine, Teel, Snow, Sunny Rose, Silver, Red and Revival Blue. Pirates Plunder Raspberry Lake, Lavender, Jet Black, Lagoon, Green Apple bubble gum. And we can’t forget Fool’s gold, five yards of our one and a/2 millimeter nylon string, 20 cup charm wires, one Green glow hexagon and one Revival Glow. That’s actually wrong. Let’s do a peach glow instead because that’s what she ordered. 25 pack of Hexagon Glow, 25 pack of Turquoise Hexagon, 25 count of pink hexagon glow, 25 count of revival hexagon glow count of our snowdrift hexagon. So they are hiding. These are a white and blue swirl. It’s not picking up gray hair, but there’s a 25 count of our sandstone, another one of our great selling hexagon patterns, 25 count Cosmic Candy, 25 count Rip Tide, Jupiter and black Cow 2 Strawberry Milkshake. We’re out. And this is the peg of 8. So I’m gonna give her those. Very smart. And they got five. You always lose these. You always do. Just like I did right there. See, tricky little things. Five, but 20 of our new star pattern, 20 of our stripe pattern. Let’s bracket.

thank you so much for your order Ellen。