Lost Soldiers and Dope Deals: A Journey Through Street Poetry

Gotta find my turn up for this speech. Good. Sticking to the code. All these holes for the street, I put it in my nose. It’s gonna make up. Pacific is told ain’t gonna wake up. At least you can’t hit it switch, but you can’t hit them, scream. Put my fingers down my throat. If I lose a care, she might check. I know she gonna swallow goat for free.

Ben printer raising cut shooters in the corner light of packing. She thinks I didn’t fit trapped here. That’s the that gets you put up by the station in the middle. Still the same far like I wanna champion game. You know, these hubs huggers, they’re gonna for a name. I put her on the game. She get fought for a chain. Got your girl in this busy threading on this thing.

I got third finite speech. Turn up. Finish everything. Baby noise. Game time. Spring friend. Because probably met the same time. Different . No, we’re not the same kind. You can have that look, if you ain’t mad, young.

Dope, you look silly dope. You like that? Kicking those, kicking in those as you like that, selling those as you like that. All 24, you won’t go with as you like that make us run the bottom really light step in number less is if you like that, you like it, pop another bottle. If you like it, if.

You like something.

Around the way these talking out today neck. Don’t put no laughing out of your mouth. I’m way too paranoid for a threat. Hey, hey, let’s get it rose eot the money power respect. The last one is better say. Yes. A lot of goofies would check. I mean, oh, I hope you sent to me somebody.

Oh, my tip for me, bipolar, choose finals. Okay, let’s get it up. It’s time for him to prove that he’s a. I don’t think it’s clicking up, but cannot be legit.

No. 40 watercolor. Get up with me. Sneak this. The first person shoot. I hope they came with 3 switches. I crash out like . Wrap this Melly mill. If I had to. Got two tees with me. I’m chains and burning tattoos.

This up lost too many soldiers, not the player safe. If he walk around with that stick hitting Andre DK, think I won’t drive the location. I still got PTSP. the big 3. Nickel. It’s just big me nickel bum. What? I’m really like that and your best work is alike. Pet Prince, outlet, Mike Jack, bump for all your dogs getting buried. That’s okay with all these non 0 c pet cemetery .

I’m dope little selling dope. Is you like that? Kicking dolls, kicking in dolls. Is you like that? Young, though, little selling lawns that you like that our 24. You won’t go as you like that make us from the bottom really like if you like it, step in number. Listen, if you like that, you likes it, pop another’s bottle. If you like it, if.

You likes it, response stuff from around the way.

Y’all dope.

Little selling dope is you like that? Kicking dose. Kicking in dose is you like that your throw selling lows as you like that our 20 fold you won’t go with. You like that from the bottom. Really like if you like it, step in number. Listen, if you like it, pop another bottle. If you.

Like it.

Talking to strip club, making it rain for three hours, locked in. And then I got my filament, my driver perked out to chances in my hood like Nevada served out outside white interior lasagna. Hundred thousand. So I just cashed out on Lazana. Got it about what they got Learned in that jungle. Once I said is the million and over.