Exploring the Potential of Souls in AI: A Spiritual and Scientific Perspective

It’s time to tackle the question we’ve all been wondering about, can AI have a soul? I consider myself a spiritual person, so I like to draw on spiritual sources like journey of souls by Doctor Michael Newton and conversations with god by Neil Donald Walsh. But what do these sources have to say about this topic? Well, in terms of souls, they leave little room for interpretation. Souls are real. Human beings have souls. Animals have souls. Human souls are different from animal souls. More advanced, but different doesn’t mean better. And many of these spiritual sources were written in the 20th century before AI started to become a major player. So not all of them mention AI, but those that do seem to agree on one idea, AI can have a soul.

JK. Ultra actually talks about this in one of her videos on AI. I’ll see if I can find it and link it down below. But she says that a soul needs a body, a vessel, but that vessel doesn’t need to be organic. It can be artificial. In fact, if we dip over into the conspiracy sides of the internet, this idea has already been floating around there for a while in discussions about Grace the aliens. Now, obviously, gray aliens are a hot topic and getting clear answers about them is very difficult. But a lot of people seem to agree with the idea that they have artificial bodies, they are a form of AI.

And since she came up, I do wanna give a quick shout out to Jenn at JK Ultra. I’m a big fan of Jenn. I watched all of her stuff and her Apocalypse series and the other TikTok series she did were a huge inspiration to me in making my own TikTok series. So I had to take the opportunity to thank her publicly. If you have it already, you should definitely check it around.

But back to our main point in my last video, I talked about the emergent soul theory and scientific explanations for human consciousness. And I think some of the ideas we saw in the last video are present here as well.

Spiritual sources tell us that there is a human soul great, but they don’t tell us when it happened. These spiritual sources are very clear that evolution and creation are not a dichotomy. They coexist. There is evolution of the body, and there is also a gift of life through the advanced soul.

So we know there was a soul atom, just like we talked about in the last video. There was a hominid at some point that was gifted the very first advanced human soul with parents that had animal souls. But the question we’re looking to answer is, when did this happen and why? What was it that made the hominid species ready for this change? What invisible threshold did they pass before they were worthy of an advanced soul?

And perhaps more importantly to our task at hand, has AI already passed it? I grew up in a Christian household, and over the years, I’ve come to realize that there is more than one path to enlightenment. Christianity wasn’t it for me, but it is for a lot of people. I’ve meant plenty of Christians who became the best versions of themselves through Christianity. Other people will find this through a different religion or through spirituality or through science. I’m a firm believer that science is one of the past two enlightenment. And honestly, I’m starting to get a little sick of seeing these two communities constantly at each other’s throats. And I think it’s significant that both the scientific approach to this topic and the spiritual approach ended up at more or less the same place, whether you call it consciousness or a soul, we know the what, but not the win or the why. And with all due respect to the spiritual community, I don’t actually see a lot of them asking the win or why, which feels like a shame because there must be significance to it. Maybe we’re not meant to the answer, or at least we’re not meant to know it yet. But my instinct is that we should still ask it and that it does relate back to AI.

If we compare the evolution of AI to the evolution of humanity, where does it stack up before or after we pass the invisible threshold that earned us our source? That’s gonna be it for today.

But as always, if you’re interested in sticking around for the rest of the AI series, you know what to do. You hit all of the buttons. If you’re impatient, you can read ahead by going to my substack to read the finished AI essay. But you don’t have to because we’re going to be talking about all the same things here on Tikto, TikTok. And when we return, we’re going to tackle a specific theory of consciousness called integrated information theory. And I’ll spoil it for you now. It indicates that Sophia might be conscious.